Monday, June 30, 2014

Countdown Week 12 ~ Changes changes changes! :VWU

It's official - Elder Vester is will be home Sept 22 - I just got his travel itinerary. Hooooray!!
Here is his email & some pictures.
So, this week has been a fast one! Another transfer, gone. Only 2 transfers left. 12 weeks. 84 days. 2016 hours.
But, who's counting? haha.
We've had a lot of fun this week, though. Lots of exchanges, too!
On Tuesday, My Zone Leader, Elder Horan came up for an exchange, and it rained most of the day, but we went around and saw a bunch of his old investigators. I hope to have some new people to teach from that, too. We had lunch with Sister Warren, one of the Widows in my branch. She and Horan got to know each other really well in the 7 months he worked here. So, we had a really nice day over all. 
And Thursday I went back up to Canada again! I stocked up on good chocolate to send home, and I even got some crazy "Maple Bacon" flavored chips to send home. Haha. It'll be good, ya know? Elder Nash and I spent all of that day just doing service. We also had a lesson with a very stubborn person. And that always makes my day. haha.
But, the biggest hunk of news is this.
The Book of Mormon play is coming to Spokane.
It's a very anti mormon play, and is a parody on missionary work.
However, the church is doing the coolest thing ever, and turning this into a HUGE missionary tool. 
So, from now till the 16th of august, I'm going to have members of the branch follow us around on a few days, and take pictures and videos of us doing real missionary work. We already started today, and we had a few members document us doing service for Sister Warren.
I;m super super excited for all of this to go down.
The church has also bought the add space in the Play Bill for this production. Not just some of it.
So, lets see what happens.
And, Elder Padilla got transfered to Post Falls Idaho, with one of my very best friends, Elder Draper. <33 (I would kill to be that guy's companion. he's so awesome. haha.)
And my new companion is Elder Noranjo. I have no ideah who this guy is, and we'll see what goes down.
I love you all, and I know the church is true. 
I;m praying for many of you by name, and I know that you are praying for me. Thats the best feeling in the world. <3
Take care, and lets see if I can hold my focus and steam for the next 12 weeks.
God speed, and have a wonderful week!
Elder Jacob Vester

This happened last Tuesday? That's the door in the hallway of our apartment. It's still like that.

I also went to Canada again! :D Look at the neato sign they have just after customs!

I got these super delicious gummy snacks called Wine Gums. No, they do not contain any wine. but they are suuuuper good. :D

Friday was our last District meeting with just the 4 of us. So, I made us all a french toast breakfast. :D Worth it.

And like these deer? They just chill in town. So, I thought I would get a pic. haha.

Canadian picture

Elder Padilla wanted to take a picture like this... So i had to take it. haha

I made Brigadiero. It was pretty good! :D

And look at all the chocolate! I'm sending this all home for you guys!

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