Monday, June 30, 2014

Countdown Week 12 ~ Changes changes changes! :VWU

It's official - Elder Vester is will be home Sept 22 - I just got his travel itinerary. Hooooray!!
Here is his email & some pictures.
So, this week has been a fast one! Another transfer, gone. Only 2 transfers left. 12 weeks. 84 days. 2016 hours.
But, who's counting? haha.
We've had a lot of fun this week, though. Lots of exchanges, too!
On Tuesday, My Zone Leader, Elder Horan came up for an exchange, and it rained most of the day, but we went around and saw a bunch of his old investigators. I hope to have some new people to teach from that, too. We had lunch with Sister Warren, one of the Widows in my branch. She and Horan got to know each other really well in the 7 months he worked here. So, we had a really nice day over all. 
And Thursday I went back up to Canada again! I stocked up on good chocolate to send home, and I even got some crazy "Maple Bacon" flavored chips to send home. Haha. It'll be good, ya know? Elder Nash and I spent all of that day just doing service. We also had a lesson with a very stubborn person. And that always makes my day. haha.
But, the biggest hunk of news is this.
The Book of Mormon play is coming to Spokane.
It's a very anti mormon play, and is a parody on missionary work.
However, the church is doing the coolest thing ever, and turning this into a HUGE missionary tool. 
So, from now till the 16th of august, I'm going to have members of the branch follow us around on a few days, and take pictures and videos of us doing real missionary work. We already started today, and we had a few members document us doing service for Sister Warren.
I;m super super excited for all of this to go down.
The church has also bought the add space in the Play Bill for this production. Not just some of it.
So, lets see what happens.
And, Elder Padilla got transfered to Post Falls Idaho, with one of my very best friends, Elder Draper. <33 (I would kill to be that guy's companion. he's so awesome. haha.)
And my new companion is Elder Noranjo. I have no ideah who this guy is, and we'll see what goes down.
I love you all, and I know the church is true. 
I;m praying for many of you by name, and I know that you are praying for me. Thats the best feeling in the world. <3
Take care, and lets see if I can hold my focus and steam for the next 12 weeks.
God speed, and have a wonderful week!
Elder Jacob Vester

This happened last Tuesday? That's the door in the hallway of our apartment. It's still like that.

I also went to Canada again! :D Look at the neato sign they have just after customs!

I got these super delicious gummy snacks called Wine Gums. No, they do not contain any wine. but they are suuuuper good. :D

Friday was our last District meeting with just the 4 of us. So, I made us all a french toast breakfast. :D Worth it.

And like these deer? They just chill in town. So, I thought I would get a pic. haha.

Canadian picture

Elder Padilla wanted to take a picture like this... So i had to take it. haha

I made Brigadiero. It was pretty good! :D

And look at all the chocolate! I'm sending this all home for you guys!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I can't explain the title. Those come from Elder Vester and he is pretty crazy sometimes! I can't believe we are on count down, won't be too long now I am ready for him to be home but I can wait until Sept 22.

So, this week has gone by suuuuper fast.
Monday, we helped tear down a barn... That was actually pretty fun! Who would have thunk that I would enjoy something like that? haha I guess thats the changes of the mission. I know I complained a lot about it last week, but when I got there, I realized the guy was not demanding us, but he really needed help. So, all is well. Haha.
Tuesday was totally awesome. 
Almost our entire zone went up to Grand Forks Canada, and had a Blitz. That basically means that we went nuts knocking on doors, and talking to people on the street. The highlight of that day for me, was the fact I got to do a contact in Japanese! I doubt it was very good Japanese, but, I really tried hard, and I was super proud of myself afterwords. haha. And, we got to eat Canadian Chocolate. <333 I LOVE it! It's real chocolate, too. Not like any of the waxy junk we get in the states.
And finally, on our way home, we met with a less active member, named Lloyd. As it turned out, back when my uncle Donald was still going to church, Donald would go visit Lloyd, and try to help him come back to church. So, I thought that was neat. Small world!

But, thats really all the exciting things that happened this week.
I've had a lot of learning experiences from the scriptures in the last few days. It's amazing to see when you really search to understand the scriptures, how much Heavenly father can unfold to you. It always makes me excited to see when something new in the scriptures pops out to me, no matter how many times I've read that particular passage.
It's like a Diamond.
You can see one point of view just looking at it, and if you move a little to the left or right, you see a new sight, and you understand better.
Sometimes, we just need to look at things from a different angle, or have a change of attitude.
I know that this was the biggest thing for me this week. I've had to change my attitude on a lot of things, and accept things. I've had a really hard time with my companion, and I've had to learn to use a lot of charity, and keeping love in my heart.
And I know that I've only been able to do that through the reading of the scriptures, and prayer, and being at church. I love it.
Well, time for me to go. c:
I love you all and I'll write you next week!
Elder Vester

You see the mountains in this picture? That's the limits of the mission. On the other side of them, lies the town of Tonaskit, and the Washington Seattle mission. :D

This is Sister Witte. She's a wonderful less active in the branch. We go over there almost every week, and I finally got her to take a picture with me. haha Do you see the peacock in the picture?

 Look at all the wood I stacked!

Aaaaand. These are "Freckle Fries" They are a specialty in the BBQ place that we live on top of. Oh goodness. I'll be so fat. Haha

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Countdown week 14 ~ SEPTEMBER 22ND. VWU

Elder Vester is doing his paperwork for coming home. He is very excited about coming home. He has had an interesting mission that is for sure. He is done a wonderful job serving the Lord. I am so proud of him and the choices he has made.

So. I guess my time as a missionary is coming to a close. I got my "trunkies" this week.
It's the letter that tells me my return date, and asks for the information on my return. So, I have to get them filled out, and sent to the mission office in Spokane today.
So, I'm just trying to finish strong.
This week, there is not a whole lot to talk about. 
We did set a baptismal date! 2 actually!
I'm very excited. They are the Graves. Tim and Johanna.
They are a very sweet older couple. As soon as they get married on the 2nd of august, we'll start preparing for their baptism on the 9th of august. I'm so excited for them.
We're working with them to stop smoking and drinking coffee. But, that'll be gone by the time August comes around.
:D I can't wait!
Well, I have to go.
I have some guy who is demanding service from us all day today, so we don't even really get a p-day. Haha.
We have to help him take down a barn. I'm sure I'll be hurting for a few days after this.
Love ya'll!
Take care, and I'll see you soon!
~Elder Vester

We also got a new car for the time being. :D

So, we did a service project, and we took pics. That's my companion, Elder Padilla.

Look at Elder Larsen and I. We're beautiful. :D

 this week was a huge county fair thing, and they had a parade. It started with a staged robbery, and these guys blew up a lock box with candy in it, and then there was a shoot out. It was neato.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Countdown Week 15 ~ The Bible Explained. VWU

This is this weeks email. I am so glad that Elder Vester is able to pick himself up and dust himself off.
He is doing great!

So, I'll explain the title now.
Saturday, i was super stressed out. I kinda had a break down, and just asked for Heavenly Father to make mu sunday good, so I could get back into good spirits.
And God, having a sense of humor, and being my loving Father in Heaven, lead me to a man who I will not be forgetting in a LONG time.
It was about 8:00, and Elder Padilla told me to go to a house not too far from our apartment.
"Whats this guy's name?" I asked
"I don't know."
"Have you ever met him before?"
"No, but my last companion, and the Zone Leaders met him the last time they did an exchange."
So, we walked up to the door.
We knocked, and a "Come in!" greeted us.
We just kinda waited at the door for someone to open the door to us.
Finally, an older gentleman opens the door, and invites us in.
His name was Gwyn.
He said that he was some kind of religion that I have never heard of before. (It starts with a B.)
He started explaining how the Bible is all wrong, because the Monks that wrote it were all drunk on Brandy.
Not just ANY kind of brandy though.
A special kind of brandy made with rotten barley. And because the barley had mold on it, it caused a reaction that produces a hallucinogenic side effect.
Ergo, the Monks got high/drunk on this magic drink, and started to write about what they thought was happening. According to this man, God is a force, and an energy. It;s nothing, and yet everything. And the Monks were hallucinating that they saw God.
Many, Many, maaaany other things did he tell us. And my journal will contain a full account of that. haha.
That meeting with him really just made my day, and for some reason released my stress.

It also made me grateful for the knowledge that I know that God is a man, and that he is my father. I am his son, and He loves me. More than I can even understand and comprehend. And that Jesus Christ, is my older brother, and loves me.
Between the two of them, life is good. I am so happy to be a missionary at this point in time, the fullness of times, the Last Days, to be able to teach my brothers and sisters about the restored Gosple of Jesus Christ.
I know we have a Prophet today, that much like Moses, Joshua, Abraham, Samuel, and many others, talks face to face with God. His name is Tomas S Monson, and I am grateful for the guidance he gives.
I know that this church, is the true church of Jesus Christ, and has the priesthood power and authority to perform binding, saving, ordinances. 
I know I'll be with my family forever, and that to me, is the biggest comfort that I can ever ask for.
I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week.
I get to go to the Temple on Thursday, and I'm so excited for that.
Love you!
Elder Jacob Vester

What was the first thing I did. Well.
I had the guy at the border stamp my passport, and then I TOOK SELFIES. <3


We had a zone meeting on friday, and we took a zone photo. :D I love my zone so much. We're all so legit.

 Today, I was doing a service project. We fell a greenhouse, and started to take it apart. The greenhouse tried to fight back. But I won.
I hope to have a sick scar, so i can tell my children of the time I had a battle with a greenhouse, AND WON.

Countdown Week 16 ~ Today, I go to Canada! VWU

Here is last weeks email. We are doing the countdown on the weeks now. Elder Vester is becoming a real farm boy!

So, TODAY, I'll be doing exchanges after p-day, and I FINALLY get to go to Canada! I;m super excited. I hear they have all kinds of delicious chips, and REAL CHOCOLATE. I'm excited.oh goodness yes.
And you guys like my legs? :D haha. I love these sandals. I wear them allll the time.
So, not too much has gone down since last Wednesday. 
This week has actually been really rough, missionary work wise. All, and I mean ALL of my appointments fell though this week. 
It was either, people going to the hospital, canceling on us, or just plain not showing up.
However, I'm ok with it. 
Sometimes, the work is easier, and other times you feel like you are trying to stop a crashing tidal wave.
But, I've come to be grateful for the few chances a day I get to share the Gospel, and to teach with all my heart. Because I might not get to teach again for the rest of the day.
We've done sooooo much service, though.
This week, I helped butcher about 6 lambs. Oh. My. Goodness.
That was so hard core. I've never seen so much carnage, ever. I felt like a psycho as I took large knifes to cut off all the fat from the animals.
It was awesome.
However, I've also learned that I do not like the flavor of mutton. It;s very.... Strange,
It makes a nice stew though.
So, really. I guess because I've had do few teaching opportunities, it's helped me to focus a little more in my personal study on things that I want and need to know, rather than just my investigators.
I'm so grateful for the scriptures, and the wealth of information that they bring. I've had so many questions that I have needed answers to for several years answered this week.  And, I know it's because I was earnestly seeking for them.
So, I'll testify to the fact that God wants us to know his words, and he will reward us as we study.
I had the wonderful chance to finish the book of mormon, for the 3rd time in my mission. 
Oh how I love this book. Never has anything ever touched me the way this book does. I know it to be true.
There is no way that Joseph Smith wrote this. It was translated, by the gift and hand of God.
No evil man could write this, and no good man would.
I'm excited to start it over again, and see what the Lord has in store for me.
I love this church, ad I love this work.
I love you all, and I'll see you next week. <3
Elder Vester

Did I already show you my hair cut? I'm just super fresh.

you guys like my legs? :D haha. I love these sandals. I wear them allll the time. 

it was Padilla's birthday last week, so we had a bonfire. :D

Countdown Week 17 ~ We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams: VWU

Time is going too fast. I can't seem to keep up with Elder Vester's blog. He better hear and get home!


So, I know the details have been lacking for the last few weeks. but I hope today makes up for that, Haha.
I'm District Leader of a 4 man district. I'm stationed in Republic, Washington. My other half of the district is in Grand Forks, British Columbia. We've been together a lot this week, due to all the meetings that go down in the first part of the transfers, so It's been nice getting to know everyone.
My area, is HUGE.
It's larger than the state of Rhode Island.
Go figure.
It's a very slow area. Something that has been hard for me to adjust to. The people here are very hard hearted, and only look out for what they can get from people. So, to make up for that, we offer service to everyone we meet. Most people hit us up on that, and as a result, we spend more time in Service clothes, than church clothes. Haha. It's hard sometimes, and I have to make sure to let people know what I can, and cannot do. But, I am hoping with time that  the hearts of the people here will soften, and we can teach more. We are lucky if we get 1 lesson a day here.
The branch is very small here. We only had about 30 people that went to church on Sunday.
Speaking of which, I spoke!~ I had to talk about "Taking Chances" I was the last of 4 speakers, and I went over by about 10 minuets. Haha. I used the Book of Ester as my main example.
She had so much faith, and courage to go before the king to save her people. The bible does not talk too much about women, and Ester has an entire book just to her.
So, I think the Lord is telling us that she is important, and we should read from it, and that it would be valuable in our lives to have her story.
I know I learned a lot just by getting ready for that talk.
I know that when we really take a chance, not for yourself, but for the Lord, we will be rewarded. I have seen that time, and time again.
The Lord loves us, and watches out for us. And when we do what he wants of us, and really try our hardest, it shows. the Lord knows our hearts, and is able to see the things that we are unable to show other people.
The intent of our hearts is what really makes a difference. Like Paul said
"Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also."
And I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve here. It's hard, and a lot different from what I am used to. but I know that as I serve, I will be blessed.
I love you ALL, and I'll see you next week.
And a USB port, so I just plug in my music and drive~
Love you all!
Elder Vester

The end of the day, and we went tracting, and I found this. :D It;s super neato. 

For last p-day, we went on a nature hike! :D I loved it!

The Stienbahs were really amazing people. They helped me a lot, and I also miss them tons.

We also might have built a dam in a small creek. Haha.