Thursday, July 24, 2014

Countdown Week 9 ~ The Fire Nation Is Invading Repiblic City:VWU

I love the countdown! It won't be long now, I am so ready for him to be home. He has served a great mission.
Here is his short email and no pictures.
So, I forgot my camera in the apartment. Oops.
No photos this week. haha.
And, for anyone who cares/is worrying, I'm ok. The fires are just outside my area, and if it continues to move north, we'll have to evacuate. So, that'll be neat. It's been raining ash for a few days, and it gets EVERYWHERE. I'll take slefies going over Sherman pass, with the rest of the town.(that'll be a fun drive.)
This week went by SOOOOO quick. I love it. I thought the time at the end of my mission would slow down, but it seems to be going faster and faster. So, lets recap.
Um, not too much happened. I know we drove a lot. Haha. But thats about it.
I know my area a lot better now! I love it. I really hope I get to stay here for my last transfer with Elder Naranjo. It's so great.
On Thursday, I did an exchange with Elder Horn. I went up to Canada again, and I always love that. But, this exchange was particularly meaningful. 
Now, I should explain. Elder Horn is a very gentle spirit, and he also served with one of my very best friends in Ukraine, just before Russia invaded. It was a tender mercy for me to meet this Elder, and I'll explain why.
I thought I had it rough. I remember thinking I had been through a lot in Brasil. But, I have been humbled, and I have learned so much from this elder. Never have I had to face the things that he did in Ukraine, and I now have a better understanding of what the Lord does for each of us.
I'm grateful for the ties I have been able to make, and to connect to people.
It;s great.
But, I'll talk to you all later.
Love you all, and see you soon!
Elder Vester

Monday, July 14, 2014

Countdown Week 10 ~ I can count the number of weeks on my hands!

Here is Elder Vester's email from today!


So, this week has been LONG. Like, for real.
Monday, we did service, and not much else, seeing as I ran out of proselyting clothes. Haha. But, not much to report there.
Tuesday, we had to get the oil changed in our car, and that took a hunk out of our day. But! I have discovered that the ladies that run the family history center on Tuesdays, have a small potluck, and we have been invited to come every single week. So, that'll be awesome! We finished the day by trying to find a member who lives waaaaaayyy far away. he's currently going through a divorce,and we had  a very spiritual lesson with him. It's so sad to see what happens when 2 people can't keep it together. I hate watching families fall apart...
Wednesday, we did more service. we went to an elderly couple's house, (He was just called as the 1st councilor in the branch presidency) and we washed their windows, and  they fed us lunch! It was great. <3 And after that, we saw a less active woman and.
I got to split wood like a man! I used a splitting maul, and split about 1/3 of chord.
And Thursday, was the temple. <3 I LOVE the Spokane temple. And even better, I got to see one of my old companions, elder Zeman! It's probably the last time I'll see him on the mission. But, It was good to see him again.
And Friday, we had training meetings in spokane. Oh goodness it took forevvverrrrrr.
But, that's about it.
Tim and Johana!
I started Johana on the stop smoking program, and I'm going to check in with her every day to give support and see how her progress is. Keep praying for her!
thats about it. Life marches on, and I'll talk to you all later,
I love you all, and I know the church is true. 
~Elder Vester

This is my district! We had our first district meeting, on a trampoline. Yeah. It was AWESOME.

My companion makes wooden swords. IT'S AWESOME.

And there was a stunt bike rally in front of my apartment. IT WAS AWESOME!


Countdown week 11 ~ It's A Matter of Time Before I Learn To Fly: VWU

Sorry I didn't get this out last week. I don't have much time to get behind! Enjoy!

So, This has been a very long week. On Tuesday, I picked up Elder Naranjo from Spokane, and the insanity ensued. It's been a long time since I last had a companion this awesome. He's an Indian from New Mexico, so I assume that's a large part of it. I always seem to have awesome luck with these guys. :D (Elder White was an amazing companion, and so far, Naranjo is, too.) I took him around my area, and we had dinner with the West family. They have to be one of the best families in this branch. Brother West served his mission in Mexico, and we speak in our languages sometimes. it's a lot of fun.
Anywho. Most of this week has been just showing him around the members. I realize that I don't know the area as much as I would like. we got lost a few times. haha. We also had Zone meeting on Thursday, and once again, we have the best zone ever. Colville Zone is the best!
And on exciting news, I am now the District Leader of an extra companionship.
That's right! I have 2 companionship to take care of now, and one of them are sisters! It's totally awesome.
And, Elder Larsen was transferred, and Elder Horn took his place. Now, Elder Horn also served with Luke Haddad when they were in Ukraine. So far, I love this kid. Haha. We have all these nutty stories about Luke, and the first day we met, we literally just sat there talking about Luke the entire night. It was great. :D
So, I have a neato experience to share this week.  On Friday of last week, we went and saw Tim and Johanna, the couple we are preparing for baptism. We marked for 3, and we arrived, and they told us that it was a bad time, and to come back at 6. So, we left and came back, and they were gone. I thought it was fishy, seeing as Tim and Johanna love our visits. They did not show up on Sunday, and we tried visiting them several times this week. No luck. No one had talked to them, or seen them in almost a week. I started to get worried, thinking they had gotten scared off, and were avoiding us, like so many people do.
But, on Saturday, we went back, and we found them.
They explained that they had left to visit family for the 4th of July, and whats more,
They just decided to go get married! I was ecstatic. And not only that, they were excited for their baptism. So, now Johanna just needs to stop smoking, and then it'll be a go!
So, please keep her in your prayers.
And this coming week is going to be hectic as all get out. We're going to the Spokane temple on Thursday, and I'll get to see my old companion Elder Zeman! I'm super excited for that.
We have lots of service planned for this week, too.
And I have meetings on Friday. :/ yuck.
But, I love being a missionary. I know my time is coming to an end soon, and I want to wring as much as I can out of these last few weeks.
I love you all!
See you next week.
Elder Vester
I'me craving hamburgers....

Oh, and have a selfie. Because It's beautiful.

My new companion Elder Naranjo