Thursday, July 24, 2014

Countdown Week 9 ~ The Fire Nation Is Invading Repiblic City:VWU

I love the countdown! It won't be long now, I am so ready for him to be home. He has served a great mission.
Here is his short email and no pictures.
So, I forgot my camera in the apartment. Oops.
No photos this week. haha.
And, for anyone who cares/is worrying, I'm ok. The fires are just outside my area, and if it continues to move north, we'll have to evacuate. So, that'll be neat. It's been raining ash for a few days, and it gets EVERYWHERE. I'll take slefies going over Sherman pass, with the rest of the town.(that'll be a fun drive.)
This week went by SOOOOO quick. I love it. I thought the time at the end of my mission would slow down, but it seems to be going faster and faster. So, lets recap.
Um, not too much happened. I know we drove a lot. Haha. But thats about it.
I know my area a lot better now! I love it. I really hope I get to stay here for my last transfer with Elder Naranjo. It's so great.
On Thursday, I did an exchange with Elder Horn. I went up to Canada again, and I always love that. But, this exchange was particularly meaningful. 
Now, I should explain. Elder Horn is a very gentle spirit, and he also served with one of my very best friends in Ukraine, just before Russia invaded. It was a tender mercy for me to meet this Elder, and I'll explain why.
I thought I had it rough. I remember thinking I had been through a lot in Brasil. But, I have been humbled, and I have learned so much from this elder. Never have I had to face the things that he did in Ukraine, and I now have a better understanding of what the Lord does for each of us.
I'm grateful for the ties I have been able to make, and to connect to people.
It;s great.
But, I'll talk to you all later.
Love you all, and see you soon!
Elder Vester

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