Monday, July 14, 2014

Countdown Week 10 ~ I can count the number of weeks on my hands!

Here is Elder Vester's email from today!


So, this week has been LONG. Like, for real.
Monday, we did service, and not much else, seeing as I ran out of proselyting clothes. Haha. But, not much to report there.
Tuesday, we had to get the oil changed in our car, and that took a hunk out of our day. But! I have discovered that the ladies that run the family history center on Tuesdays, have a small potluck, and we have been invited to come every single week. So, that'll be awesome! We finished the day by trying to find a member who lives waaaaaayyy far away. he's currently going through a divorce,and we had  a very spiritual lesson with him. It's so sad to see what happens when 2 people can't keep it together. I hate watching families fall apart...
Wednesday, we did more service. we went to an elderly couple's house, (He was just called as the 1st councilor in the branch presidency) and we washed their windows, and  they fed us lunch! It was great. <3 And after that, we saw a less active woman and.
I got to split wood like a man! I used a splitting maul, and split about 1/3 of chord.
And Thursday, was the temple. <3 I LOVE the Spokane temple. And even better, I got to see one of my old companions, elder Zeman! It's probably the last time I'll see him on the mission. But, It was good to see him again.
And Friday, we had training meetings in spokane. Oh goodness it took forevvverrrrrr.
But, that's about it.
Tim and Johana!
I started Johana on the stop smoking program, and I'm going to check in with her every day to give support and see how her progress is. Keep praying for her!
thats about it. Life marches on, and I'll talk to you all later,
I love you all, and I know the church is true. 
~Elder Vester

This is my district! We had our first district meeting, on a trampoline. Yeah. It was AWESOME.

My companion makes wooden swords. IT'S AWESOME.

And there was a stunt bike rally in front of my apartment. IT WAS AWESOME!


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