Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 55 ~ Goodbye Rats, Cockroaches, and Rio! :VWU

Elder Vester is being transferred today. Won't know where until next Monday. I think he was looking forward to a change. He seems to be doing good and we have a few pictures. Enjoy!


Look at how much weight I've lost. It's frightening. (I'm currently at 62 quilos.)
So, if you guys have yet to guess, I've been transferred.  I've already got pretty much all my stuffed packed up and ready to go. I can't really complain too much. It'll be nice for a change in scenery;  I do quite enjoy Campos though. I'll miss it.

I'll also miss Elder Mendonça; He's been a good companion. We've had our ups and downs, just like every other trainer has, but It's been good. I've learned a lot, and I hope to apply the things I've learned more fully. You can learn all the things in the world, but if you don't apply them, they are useless. And when we don't use them, we forget them. Like, Driving; I'm terrified to have to re-learn how to drive. That'll be cute.

But. I'm pretty much just ranting now. 
Did I mention that I found rats in my suitcase last week? Yeah; They are attracted by the smell of peanut butter. Thankfully they did not ruin anything. I'll be so glad to leave this house. xD It's horrible.
My district

Opp, and someone on a bicycle just got hit by a truck outside the lanhouse we're at right now.
I wish everyone lots of loves and hugs. <3
I'll see you next week, in a new area, with a new companion.

Èlder Vester

the family that'll be throwin' us a party today.

Looks like girls to me - his momma!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weel 54 - The Family: VWU

Here is Elder Vester's email for this week. He forgot to take pictures for this week, bad boy! He is thinking that next Tuesday he will be transferred, maybe to Victoria, we will have to wait until the following week to know f he did or not. I copied a picture that someone posted on Facebook.


So, this week I was kinda horrible, and I forgot to take pictures. Sorry guys. ;3;

I've had a wonderful week. It's the lazy week of training for Elder Mendonça, so that means he had to be senior for the week. My goodness I forgot how nice it is to be junior. I miss being junior. But! Transfers are a week from tomorrow, so maybe I'll get my wish. :P
 This week, we celebrated the anniversary of "The Family: A proclamation to the world."
And let me tell you. It's powerful. 
We had a integration activity this last week, and we showed the video from the conference when President Gorden b. Hinkley had announced the proclamation, and the spirit was so strong. 
And, I felt so grateful. 
I have taught for the last year that Families are ordained of God, but it hit me really hard this week. Maybe because I was missing them this week, or something else.
The Brazilians call them "The Golden boys"
But, The part that goes something like this "Children have a right to be born into a father and mother in the bonds of matrimony, who are loyal to one another, and honor the covenants made in the temple." (It was in Portuguese, so I have no idea how close this is.)
It was really very clear just how Heavenly Father feels about the sanctity of marriage, and just how hard Satan is working these days to tare down something so important;
And with that in mind, I'll be able to talk to my family here in about 3 months. <3333
I love you all, and I wish you a good week!
Com amor
Élder Vester

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 53 ~ Guess Who Got Sick Again:WVU

Elder Vester was under the weather this past week, but seems to be doing a bit better.  He seems to be doing pretty good. Here is his email & some pictures.
So, yup. I managed to get sick, again. I caught it somewhere on Tuesday, and it hit me pretty hard Wednesday. we returned early Wednesday, and I stayed home all day Thursday, and a part of Friday. So, needless to say I have very little to report for this week. Sorry yall!
So, apparently Lady Gaga  has a new song? I believe it is called applause or something of the sorts. It's been played quite loudly for the last week in cars passing by. I'm not sure what that's all about, because Lady Gaga is not that popular here. (More rap and whatnot is popular here.) but I'm not complaining. :D

Anywho. I know this church is true. That's been confirmed to me a lot this week. I'm so grateful for the church, and the chance I have to change and become better every day. <3 Jesus loves us, and that's all that matters.
Until next week!
Elder Vester
Brazilian crunchbars are superior to American ones. Hands down

We went and saw the catholic sanctuary this week. :D It's very pretty, but utterly void of the holey ghost.

We visited the catholic sanctuary here. It's super old, and very pretty.
We went to pizza rodizio again! :D Yes

This is Gilsara. I love her to no end. Behold how skinny and tan I am.

These animals are called Capibara, they live near lakes and rivers, much like beavers. They are HUGE.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 52 ~Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes: VWU

It has been 1 year (left on Sept 4 and entered the CTM on Sept 5th) since Elder Vester went in to the CTM (MTC)! I can't believe we made it. I think I can make it until he comes home now. I hope that the second year goes by as fast as the first!
Here is his email for this week.


That's right.
I've waited more then 9 months to use this title in an email. I'm crazy. :D
But, that's nothing new. <3
So, hey all, it's been a year, I had this huge list of all the things I've done in the last year, (Like how many baptisms, how many lessons, and such and so forth) but I forgot to bring it with me, and it's better that this number remains a mystery~ oh hohoho.

So, this last year has been crazy. Only my journal has a full account of everything that has gone down; I do believe I have developed a memory problem, cuz I forget ridiculous amounts of information. I hope I get my brain back when I get back to the states, and everything goes back to English. English is such an easier language to speak. <3
I even heard that Japanese is easier then Portuguese. (In spoken form, written form, not so much,) So, I might hit that up when I get home. Who knows. lol

So, lets have a little insider with Elder Vester.
(I'm just going to talk about me for this email, because I'm beautiful like that, so, put up with it, ok?)
I'm very happy; I just am. <3 The mission has given me a new perspective on a lot of things. I'm growing and learning so much. I'm doing my best to correct the things I do wrong, and to be a more palatable person. xD Sadly, I still shove my foot in my mouth, like a lot. oops.
I've done a lot of changing in the last year. I've really come to understand just how important families are, and how grateful I am to be sealed to my family for all of time and eternity; Even if we are all crazy. <3

I've lots about 50 pounds, and managed to keep it off. :D I'm not sure where it came from, or where it went, but, I'm skinny and happy. :D
I've also grown to love coconut.
It's beautiful. :D
I've also grown to love this country, and its people. They are amazing, and I'm so grateful for the chance I had to get to know everyone I have. <3
Te-amo, todos!
And now a count down has began.
Lets make this last year go out with a bang.
Also, someone should tell me how Catching Fire is. I'm super excited for that to come out, so I can buy a copy in Portuguese.
Com Amor
Élder Vester

This is little Brazilian Barbeque; Personally I love it. (This was R$10)

It rained pretty bad this week, and I came home like this a lot. lol (#1)

#2 - all wet!
And look! I've actually learned to clean up after myself. MILAGRE~

An abstract photo of me. :D

Making Coxinhas at Laíza's house. It was her birthday~

Directly after the other ward's baptism, there was a wedding. - cake and bonbons.

These little strange yellow things are a sweet local to Campos; It's nothing but egg and sugar. :D It was terrible.

Look at me~Not a lot has changed in the last year. lol

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 51 ~ No news is OK news - VWU

Well I didn't post last week because Elder Vester was a bit under the weather, in more ways than one. He sent me a copy of the email he sent his Mission President so I will post part of it. He did manage to send me some pictures of the baptism. He computer connection was terrible and was having trouble sending pictures.


This week has been a good one. We managed to baptize 1 of our dates, the other had to be cut. I'll tell you about the one we cut first.
His name is Felípe. He is (or was) the boyfriend of our recent convert, Laíza. They were all on track for marrage, and everything more. Felípe was our strongest date we had this week, and on tuesday night, we saw Laíza, and she began to tell us how she was not happy with Felipe, and wanted to go back to her ex-fiancé, Carlos. She told us that Felipe was "o leder da boca na penha." I believe that means he was a drug lord; And, Laíza told us he has killed people. So, sadly we had to cut him, totally. We then later saw Laíza on the back of Carlos's motorcycle on friday night. So, there's that.
I think this might be Valdir
Our other date, Valdir, was a hand-full.  Sunday, he told a member that he wanted to get baptitzed. We went there on sunday, and challenged him to be baptized. beleza. We went there on tuesday, had him unterviewed. Beleza. We then had 2 days we went there trying to visit him, both marked. and no luck. The next day, Elder Andreazza came to our area, we had lunch, and then stalked Valdir. We managed to get him into a lesson. We tried literally everything. We called the  zone leaders, and had them talk to him, we called the assistants, and had them talk to him. In the end, I don't know exactly what convinced him. But, he went to take a shower, and when he started getting dressed, he said "I need to be beautiful for my baptizim, what clothes should I use?" And so, we got him ready, took him to the church, and he baptized the same day. And was then confirmed on sunday.