Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 51 ~ No news is OK news - VWU

Well I didn't post last week because Elder Vester was a bit under the weather, in more ways than one. He sent me a copy of the email he sent his Mission President so I will post part of it. He did manage to send me some pictures of the baptism. He computer connection was terrible and was having trouble sending pictures.


This week has been a good one. We managed to baptize 1 of our dates, the other had to be cut. I'll tell you about the one we cut first.
His name is Felípe. He is (or was) the boyfriend of our recent convert, Laíza. They were all on track for marrage, and everything more. Felípe was our strongest date we had this week, and on tuesday night, we saw Laíza, and she began to tell us how she was not happy with Felipe, and wanted to go back to her ex-fiancé, Carlos. She told us that Felipe was "o leder da boca na penha." I believe that means he was a drug lord; And, Laíza told us he has killed people. So, sadly we had to cut him, totally. We then later saw Laíza on the back of Carlos's motorcycle on friday night. So, there's that.
I think this might be Valdir
Our other date, Valdir, was a hand-full.  Sunday, he told a member that he wanted to get baptitzed. We went there on sunday, and challenged him to be baptized. beleza. We went there on tuesday, had him unterviewed. Beleza. We then had 2 days we went there trying to visit him, both marked. and no luck. The next day, Elder Andreazza came to our area, we had lunch, and then stalked Valdir. We managed to get him into a lesson. We tried literally everything. We called the  zone leaders, and had them talk to him, we called the assistants, and had them talk to him. In the end, I don't know exactly what convinced him. But, he went to take a shower, and when he started getting dressed, he said "I need to be beautiful for my baptizim, what clothes should I use?" And so, we got him ready, took him to the church, and he baptized the same day. And was then confirmed on sunday.

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