Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 52 ~Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes: VWU

It has been 1 year (left on Sept 4 and entered the CTM on Sept 5th) since Elder Vester went in to the CTM (MTC)! I can't believe we made it. I think I can make it until he comes home now. I hope that the second year goes by as fast as the first!
Here is his email for this week.


That's right.
I've waited more then 9 months to use this title in an email. I'm crazy. :D
But, that's nothing new. <3
So, hey all, it's been a year, I had this huge list of all the things I've done in the last year, (Like how many baptisms, how many lessons, and such and so forth) but I forgot to bring it with me, and it's better that this number remains a mystery~ oh hohoho.

So, this last year has been crazy. Only my journal has a full account of everything that has gone down; I do believe I have developed a memory problem, cuz I forget ridiculous amounts of information. I hope I get my brain back when I get back to the states, and everything goes back to English. English is such an easier language to speak. <3
I even heard that Japanese is easier then Portuguese. (In spoken form, written form, not so much,) So, I might hit that up when I get home. Who knows. lol

So, lets have a little insider with Elder Vester.
(I'm just going to talk about me for this email, because I'm beautiful like that, so, put up with it, ok?)
I'm very happy; I just am. <3 The mission has given me a new perspective on a lot of things. I'm growing and learning so much. I'm doing my best to correct the things I do wrong, and to be a more palatable person. xD Sadly, I still shove my foot in my mouth, like a lot. oops.
I've done a lot of changing in the last year. I've really come to understand just how important families are, and how grateful I am to be sealed to my family for all of time and eternity; Even if we are all crazy. <3

I've lots about 50 pounds, and managed to keep it off. :D I'm not sure where it came from, or where it went, but, I'm skinny and happy. :D
I've also grown to love coconut.
It's beautiful. :D
I've also grown to love this country, and its people. They are amazing, and I'm so grateful for the chance I had to get to know everyone I have. <3
Te-amo, todos!
And now a count down has began.
Lets make this last year go out with a bang.
Also, someone should tell me how Catching Fire is. I'm super excited for that to come out, so I can buy a copy in Portuguese.
Com Amor
Élder Vester

This is little Brazilian Barbeque; Personally I love it. (This was R$10)

It rained pretty bad this week, and I came home like this a lot. lol (#1)

#2 - all wet!
And look! I've actually learned to clean up after myself. MILAGRE~

An abstract photo of me. :D

Making Coxinhas at Laíza's house. It was her birthday~

Directly after the other ward's baptism, there was a wedding. - cake and bonbons.

These little strange yellow things are a sweet local to Campos; It's nothing but egg and sugar. :D It was terrible.

Look at me~Not a lot has changed in the last year. lol

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