Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weel 54 - The Family: VWU

Here is Elder Vester's email for this week. He forgot to take pictures for this week, bad boy! He is thinking that next Tuesday he will be transferred, maybe to Victoria, we will have to wait until the following week to know f he did or not. I copied a picture that someone posted on Facebook.


So, this week I was kinda horrible, and I forgot to take pictures. Sorry guys. ;3;

I've had a wonderful week. It's the lazy week of training for Elder Mendonça, so that means he had to be senior for the week. My goodness I forgot how nice it is to be junior. I miss being junior. But! Transfers are a week from tomorrow, so maybe I'll get my wish. :P
 This week, we celebrated the anniversary of "The Family: A proclamation to the world."
And let me tell you. It's powerful. 
We had a integration activity this last week, and we showed the video from the conference when President Gorden b. Hinkley had announced the proclamation, and the spirit was so strong. 
And, I felt so grateful. 
I have taught for the last year that Families are ordained of God, but it hit me really hard this week. Maybe because I was missing them this week, or something else.
The Brazilians call them "The Golden boys"
But, The part that goes something like this "Children have a right to be born into a father and mother in the bonds of matrimony, who are loyal to one another, and honor the covenants made in the temple." (It was in Portuguese, so I have no idea how close this is.)
It was really very clear just how Heavenly Father feels about the sanctity of marriage, and just how hard Satan is working these days to tare down something so important;
And with that in mind, I'll be able to talk to my family here in about 3 months. <3333
I love you all, and I wish you a good week!
Com amor
Élder Vester

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