Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 42 ~ Brazilian Bus Riots, and Facebook? WVU:

There isn't a dull moment on Elder Vester's mission. He will have lots of stories to tell after being there for 2 years. Everyday has new challenges.
Here is his email.

So, this week has been nothing but crazy.
More 100% Jesus!
The Bus Manifestations has messed with our work a LOT. The last 4-5 days of rioting has been super annoying. but we're doing our best here. We almost got caught in the middle of a huge fight on saterday afternoon.
Rest assured that we're all safe, and no one is hurt. c:

This week has been totally nuts. We've been looking under every rock and brick trying to find these baptisms for friday. We've had a lot of pressure from our president to get this done this week, and I'm sad to say that I feel like my faith has faltered a little. I've prayed harder then I ever have in my life to make this work, and I still believe that we'll be able to get this done.
Quiroz and I are not going to take today off, and just work our brains out trying to find and teach these people before friday. I have the faith that we'll be able to do this.
I think. :D
But, other then that, this week has been good. We managed to teach upwords of 45 lessons this week. A personal record for me. We found 15 new people to teach, and we're finding a bunch of good people who could be members sometime in the future.
I'm under massive amounts of stress, and I'm learning how to be patient, and kind, even when I feel that everything is on top of me. I know that it's super cleché to say, but Diamonds are formed under lots of heat and pressure.
Gurl. I'mma be gorhjus.
Also, apparently elders can use Facebook?
LOL. That will NEVER

Pardon the derp VWU Part 2

Anywho. My computer just went nuts and sent the email by its self.
I do not think I'll be allowed to use facebook at all.  None of the missionaries here are responsible enough to use it.
So, I wish you well, and hope you all have a good week!
Com Amor
Elder Vester

Took some photos from the top of Alta Vila Rica; the highest point in my area.(1)







This is lunch at Adriana's house. <3

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 41~ I've got a secret~ :VWU

Elder Vester is so funny. Glad that he can keep his sense of humor. This was a good week for him so all is well!
Here is his email & pictures, enjoy!

Today is SUPER-P DAY.
That means, we're going to have a party. (The 8 of us here in Cachoeiro).
We've been approved to watch a few Disney movies, so I'm super excited for that! (I also might have bought Amanhacer Part 2 also. lol But I'll just watch that when I get home.) I'll take pictures, and it'll be cute and stuff
So, this week has had lots and lots and LOTS of walking. We had to walk about 3 miles (one direction) to reach this family here. 
And my baptisms for this week! I'll relate a little more about them in a sec. <3
Samala and Sarah
Jenivaldo and Ana-Rita are working on getting married. We found a place here that marries people in 15 days, and only costs R$300! Super cheap, and super fast for Brazil. Jenivaldo is also trying to quit smoking, so it'll be another few weeks before that happens.
Their 3 daughters, Pamela, Samela, and Sárah progressed very quickly, and for some reason at the very last minute, Pamela decided to not get baptized, so  we'll continue to work with her. 
And, we received some interesting notices this week.
The 4 Cachoeiro areas are baptizing more then any areas in the whole mission, and as such, we've received a challenge.
The 28th of this month will be a huge baptism meeting.
The President will be there, the stake president will be there, and
The Liahona will be there.
Every dupla has received the challenge to baptize 5 people this day.
I'm excited; even if a little nervous.
I know that the Lord is asking me to work a little hard, stand a little taller, speak a little better, walk a little farther, Pray more fervently, and study more diligently.
If there was one thing my parents instilled in me, it was to fulfill orders. I know I can make this goal happen, merely because it was given to me; because Heavenly Father knows what I am capable of, and wants me to be the missionary he wants me to be.
And so, I ask for all your prayers on my behalf. And also on the behalf of the people we are teaching. I'm ready to get this show on the road, and get myself in a church magazine! :D
I love you all, and wish you the best.
<3 Stay beautiful.
Com Amor
Élder Vester
Behold the primary singing~
So, it's been 9 months that I've been on the mission. I think I'm supposed to put a pillow in my shirt. Wait, no? Only the sisters do that? Awkward~
Behold my personal collection of jerseys so far. <3 Yes

Here they are again all rolled up and cute like.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 40 ~ Brasil Loves it's Chocolate Milk: VWU

As you read Elder Vester's e-mail he mentions that his companion has been very sick. Well is his e-mail to me today he told me that his companion has Dengue, what is that you ask? This is what I found -

Dengue is an infection caused by a virus. You can get it if an infected mosquito bites you. Dengue does not spread from person to person. It is common in warm, wet areas of the world. Outbreaks occur in the rainy season. Dengue is rare in the United States.
Symptoms include a high fever, headaches, joint and muscle pain, vomiting, and a rash. In some cases, dengue turns into dengue hemorrhagic fever, which causes bleeding from your nose, gums, or under your skin. It can also become dengue shock syndrome, which causes massive bleeding and shock. These forms of dengue are life-threatening.
There is no specific treatment. Most people with dengue recover within 2 weeks. Until then, drinking lots of fluids, resting and taking non-aspirin fever-reducing medicines might help. People with the more severe forms of dengue usually need to go to the hospital and get fluids.

I just have to know that he is in the Lords hands and is serving on the Lords errands. He has been through a lot and yet he keeps going and has such a great attitude.

Enjoy his email!

How much does Brasil love chocolate milk powder?
There has been a lot of stormage going on here, too. The fog has been coming in super thick some mornings. I love it! Especially because Slenderman does not live in Brasil. luls. (If you don't know what Slenderman is, consider yourself lucky.)
So, This yellow jersey is 19 years old. It's beautiful, is it not?
This yellow jersey is 19 years old. It's beautiful, is it not?
I got it from a ward member. I'm kinda happy about it.
Poppin´ta colla'~
I've also learned how to make Brazilian bonbon filling. BEHOLD THE JEALOUSNESSSSS.

This week has been a good one! many challenges and struggles. All to make me a better person. I'm really loving it here in Cachoeiro, and I cherish the time I have had here. I know that the Lord is trying to shape me into the missionary he needs me to be, and that I'm getting there slowly. The Lord has lots of patience, because I'm far from what I know I should be. I know my time as a junior companion is coming to an end, and that I'll need to take responsibility for the Dupla here in the next few transfers. But, I'm doing my best. All in the time of the Lord.
My companion was pretty sick this week. We had to take it slow starting on Thursday, and Saturday he was so sick that Sister told us to stay in the house. I spent my time reading the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith that day It's in Portuguese, and I'm very happy at the fact that I understand all of it. DOM DE LINGUAS. I also might have finished crocheting a new scarf; It's gray and beautiful. <3
We've had 17 news this week! I was very excited about that. Some of them are moley, but the others are very promising. I'm very excited to teach the Gospel to them. My companion was a huge trooper for a few days, and we've been blessed.
Quiroz is also a burro, and refused to take it easy until Sister Araújo (The President's wife, who takes care of our health and whatnot) tells him to stay put.
So, this week, it's become very clear to me, obedience is the first law of heaven. I've come to a better understanding this week of just how our obedience can affect our teaching. I was given the opportunity to recognize my pride this week, and I was shown how I can improve. Sure, I do my best to obey all the rules, and I mess up sometimes, but for some reason, a conversation my Trainer had with me came back to my mind. 
"It does not matter if we want to obey or not, it's if we want the blessings that comes from obedience. A missionary can't just say 'oh, I'm human, there is no way I can obey all the rules and commandments at the same time.' That's just an easy out, and justifying yourself. If you want to break rules, you'll loose the blessings the Lord has in store for you. Miracles only happen in response to exact obedience. Just remember that in your mission."
And so. As much as I would just love to pop open a tab to Youtube, and listen to my old asian music. (which I miss dearly. ;3; Miku~) I know that every Rule I obey, I receive a blessing.
I also learned just how powerful Testimonies are.
I was reading in Alma 30-31 today, and it really stood out to me just how powerful a testimony, and a promise made in the name of God can be. I know my Testimony has many ways that in can grow, and, I'm doing my best to help it become stronger. Just has Quinton L Cook (I think) said in the last conference
"The seed that was planted in my heart by the missionaries so long ago, has now grown into a Tree of Life."
I know The Lord Loves us, and only wants our progress; I know that the Lord will never give us a trial that we can never overcome. Sometimes, I am in awe of how much the Lord trusts in me. Cuz girl, let me tell you. I'm just a kid. And I'm grateful for the chance that the Lord is giving me to grow into a Man.
<3 I love you all.
Stay Beautiful.
Com Amor
I've also learned how to make Brazilian bonbon filling. BEHOLD THE JEALOUSNESSSSS.
Élder Vester

The fog has been coming in super thick some mornings. I love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 39 ~ Guess what Sickness I've got this week :VWU

It is always good to email Elder Vester. He seems to be doing OK this past week, he has challenges but I think that comes with serving a mission. He just keeps moving forward, I am very proud of him.
Enjoy his email:

So, I found this club in downtown central; lol
Lol, so, I'm sure you've all forgotten my now. But several months ago, I was living with my good buddy Elder Christensen. He had to go to the states for surgery, and when he came back, he was infected with a skin bacteria. It caused rashes, blisters, redness, and lots of scratching.
:D I caught it, and after 5 weeks of suffering, I finally verified it with the medic, and I'm infected, and contagious. 

We baptized this little girl, Mayara, (long story)
So, this week, we got to teach and baptize a wonderful little girl by the name of Mayara, (I don't have enough time to attach photos, hit up the blog, my mom has them.) We had lots of opposition for this little girl to be baptized. It seemed as though the very jaws of hell had opened to prevent this little girl from being baptized; I could go into detail about all the stuff that happened, but that would just be a long email full of complaining. lol And we all know I'm the best at complaining. So, I wont burden you.
But, this girl is awesome. She knows the answers to many questions, and remembers all the commandments.
In fact, on Saturday, she was literally crying for her grandpa to take her to her baptism early. (It was at 3, and she showed up at 2.)
But, we had to heat up the water for her. lol

If there is only 1 thing I have learned this week, it's to trust in the Lord, but, that having faith is not enough. You need to act, too. As we learn in James, Faith without works is Dead. I can have all the faith in the world that I will be lead to the people who will accept the Lord's Restored Gospel, but if I do not put my faith into action, and talk to as many people as I can, I will never find the Lord's Elects.
The commandments are a perfect example of this. For example. I have faith that if I keep the word of wisdom, that I will have better health, more stamina, and greater physical capacity, but if I don't have enough faith to live this commandment, I'll never enjoy the blessings the Lord has for us.
I can have faith that I will teach a lesson with the guidance of the Spirit, but if I do not study the scriptures, and let virtue garnish my thoughts, I'll never be able to understand the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
And so, my invite to all of you is this.
Exercise your faith.
If you're a non-member reading this, I ask you to take the courage to find out why I left my wonderful home, of cushy comfort, to one of the hottest countries in the world, to walk all day long, and to have doors slammed in my face.
And to you members. trust in the Lord, and ask one of your non-member friends to come make a visit with you.
I've seen the worse that can happen, and you guys have it easy!
Love you all, and pray for you often. <3
Com Amor
~Élder Vester
 And some other random silly photos.