Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Week 42 ~ Brazilian Bus Riots, and Facebook? WVU:

There isn't a dull moment on Elder Vester's mission. He will have lots of stories to tell after being there for 2 years. Everyday has new challenges.
Here is his email.

So, this week has been nothing but crazy.
More 100% Jesus!
The Bus Manifestations has messed with our work a LOT. The last 4-5 days of rioting has been super annoying. but we're doing our best here. We almost got caught in the middle of a huge fight on saterday afternoon.
Rest assured that we're all safe, and no one is hurt. c:

This week has been totally nuts. We've been looking under every rock and brick trying to find these baptisms for friday. We've had a lot of pressure from our president to get this done this week, and I'm sad to say that I feel like my faith has faltered a little. I've prayed harder then I ever have in my life to make this work, and I still believe that we'll be able to get this done.
Quiroz and I are not going to take today off, and just work our brains out trying to find and teach these people before friday. I have the faith that we'll be able to do this.
I think. :D
But, other then that, this week has been good. We managed to teach upwords of 45 lessons this week. A personal record for me. We found 15 new people to teach, and we're finding a bunch of good people who could be members sometime in the future.
I'm under massive amounts of stress, and I'm learning how to be patient, and kind, even when I feel that everything is on top of me. I know that it's super cleché to say, but Diamonds are formed under lots of heat and pressure.
Gurl. I'mma be gorhjus.
Also, apparently elders can use Facebook?
LOL. That will NEVER

Pardon the derp VWU Part 2

Anywho. My computer just went nuts and sent the email by its self.
I do not think I'll be allowed to use facebook at all.  None of the missionaries here are responsible enough to use it.
So, I wish you well, and hope you all have a good week!
Com Amor
Elder Vester

Took some photos from the top of Alta Vila Rica; the highest point in my area.(1)







This is lunch at Adriana's house. <3

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