Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 43 ~ Goodbye Cachoeiro! I won't miss your hills. VWU

Elder Vester is being transferred tomorrow. Won't know where he is going until next week. I think he is excited for the change. Lots of pictures this week.

So, this week has been so crazy. 
I don't remember all of what happened, but I'll do my best.
The huge baptism meeting on Friday had 15 people baptized, and that was super legit. Sadly, I was on splits with Elder Degraw, (We were trying to get more people to go.) So, I will not be in the Liahona. ;3; #sad But, I don't need the Glory of men. xD
We only ended up getting 1 baptizim this week. Geovana. She's a super start, and her mom will be soon to enter the waters, too.
Qurioz and I worked super super hard this last week, and Geovana was the only one to get baptized from my area. However, her mom is trying to settle some things out, and she'll be baptized in a few weeks. They are already very firm in the Gospel, and I'm super thankful to make this my last memory of Cachoeiro. The meeting its self was awesome. Sister Araújo spoke, and she commanded the spirit in the room. It was awesome. And then the spirit only got stronger as each and everyone of the 15 people stepped into the waters of baptism. It was a very touching meeting, and I'm glad I could be there. Afterwords, president gave a message, and wow. It was awesome. <3 It was a good way to end these last 18 weeks.
Cachoeiro has taught me a lot. I've become much more physically fit; I've come to love futebol, and I officially torce for... I dunno. lol But, I enjoy watching it. Playing it terrifies me. :D So, it's all good. I'm addicted to the Jerseys, and I'll have several when I come home. I currently have my eye out for a Flumence, Chelsey, and Flamengos jerseys. yessssss.
I've also learned I have more patience then I thought. I'm re-freshed, and all pumped for this new area, and new companion! We're going to tare it up!
Our water was also cut this week; When Elder Corriea went home in march, he forgot to send the water bill to the office, so, early Tuesday morning, we found out that our water had been cut. We spent the next 4 days without water, trying to get everything sorted out.
I forget exactly how, but Fabiano found out we were without water, so, he gave us his bathroom for a few days till we got it all sorted out. <3 (His bathroom is American style. Oh goodness. I miss my country sometimes.)
And, to top it all off, he made us dinner last night. GLORY. <3 I'm grateful for wonderful members like that. I want to be in a position someday that I'll be able to return the favor.
I'm also reminded of Luke, Jacob, Nicole and I going on adventures at 1 in the morning to fill the missionaries' house full of balloons for Elder Brame's Birthday. I'm still waiting for something cool like that to happen to me. But, I won't complain about how awesome the members are in my ward here. I've come to love many of the people here, and I feel we all a part of one big, black family.
I even have people that call me there "Perdido filho branco" (Lost white son)

It's super cute. lol. Curisença~
Anywho. I've run out of things to say, other then packing is a huge pain in the butt.
Also, Brasil won the southern cup last night or something, (3 to 0 against Spain. totally mopped the floor. HULK, NEYMAR AND FREDDY. YES.) cuz there are massive amounts of partying in the streets. Drunk people everywhere~
So, I've got to get all the rest of my thinskis packed up, and maybe buy a Brazilian spandex bathing suit.
Or not. Who knows?
Love you all, pray for you often, and wish you the best. <3
<3 Com Amor, 
Some pretty photos of me. Needs no more explication.
Élder Vester
Fashion BYU? I'm going to apply THERE~

Some pretty photos of me. Needs no more explication.
Try to find the missionaries in this photo!

This guy is Fabiano Pimentel, he saved our butt this week. I'll explain a little more in my weekly email. c:

On Sunday, they closed down the "White line" buss transit, and set up a go-kart track. These guys were pushing upwards of 40 miles per hour. I was impressed. The firesuits are real, too.

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