Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 45 ~ JERUSALEM!!!! VWU

Elder Vester sent me a letter for my birthday and I will share a couple of  things that were in it:
1.  He got robbed. To make a long story short the building were he lives was being painted and the in the end they are pretty sure it was the painters that took Jacobs money out of their apartment, the door to the apartment didn't get locked. That was kind of sad.
2. Funny and sad - the next day when they were out knocking on doors, they stopped to ask for some water from someone, (big fancy house) they gave the person their water bottles and he filled them. Elder Vester started to drink after they left and did not realize that the water had a bad taste until I had drunk more then half of the bottle. It burned my throat and stomach and he started to get really sick, and had to fight the urge to vomit the entire night.
They went home early and when the other Elders came home he explained what happened and one of the Elders says "Dude, you're just drunk" The next morning he woke up with a massive headache. How cruel is that? This has really been an experience for him!
Now for his email and pictures.


So, last night, the other missionaries in our house went to some Pentecostal church with an investigator, and the pastor was teaching the 6 steps to success. The only one that stuck, is TO LOVE JERUSALEM! Apparently he went on and on, for about 45 minuets about God prospers the people who love Jerusalem. lul; I liked it.

So, this week has been a rough week, but, there was a lot of personal growth.
I'm learning to shoulder my responsibilities better, and I'm really trying to do my best out here. I know that my best, may not be THE best in the mission, but, it's all God asks for, and I know that I will see many results here for that. 

God has promised that when ever we have faith to act, or to obey a commandment, he will always respond. It's amazing to see just what Heavenly Father can do when you let him. You just have to let HIM guide, and give up your own will in place of his. Sometimes we pass through hard times, and think we can't overcome, or deal with the trials we face. But, this last week I learned that everything falls into place. Sometimes, we have to give up something we thought was so important, and sometimes we get really discouraged about that thing we wanted, and sometime down the road, we realize that we gained something much bigger in it's place. Giving up a cupcake, and gaining a wedding cake.

I know that God knows me. 
I am his son, and he is my father.
We are so incredibly loved by our father in heaven, that we can't even fathom it in this life. How amazing is that?
I love it. I really do. 

I'm so grateful for this Gospel, and for the chance to try to serve the Lord, and to share what I love so much with others. I know this Gospel is true.
I challenge you, all of you, to evaluate your life.

Members, are you truly converted? Do you give all you can to the continuing of the kingdom of God?
Inactive members, are you willing to step back in the light, and receive and enjoy all the blessings that God has in store for you? Do you want to improve your happiness? Only Christ can help you overcome the trials you face, and he is waiting with open arms, to hug you, and show you the way. Just let him lead the way, and trust.

And Non-members. (Lucimar, estou falando à você agora. Só porque te-amo, <3 E tambén que os otros elders falarem que ainda está lendo meu blog. Isso me-deixou mutio feliz. Tenho muito saudades de ti.)
What will keep you from entering the waters of baptism, and following the example of our Savior? What keeps you from having the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of God to guide you, strengthen you, and lift you up in the hard times? 

I can promise you, because I know for a fact, that this Gospel is true, and that God will guide you in the uncertain times. 

I've had several... "faith promoting experiences" This week. Both helping my faith grow in ways I never expected. I'll let my mom decide if she wants to post them on the blog, but, long story short, 
 I need to trust God more, and men a LOT less. lol
Chihuahuas. <3333

This is a cacoa tree.
This is what chocolate looks like in its natural habitat. And no, the juice tastes nothing like the finished product.
 I've gotta go now.
Love you all, and hope all is going well with each and every single one of you. <3
Com Amor
Èlder Vester

some of the richer parts of my area. (We're in Turf Club here.)

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