Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 44 ~ Magic Can Happen For Real, In RIO! WVU

I did think Elder Vester had Rio in his mission, but I guess I was wrong. He sent home a box of his favorite chocolates. I guess I won't open them until Dan gets home or maybe not!


So, Leaving Cachoeiro de itapimirim was much harder then I though it would be. I left many people there that I need to visit when I return. I love that area, but hope to never serve there again. lol

So, Rio is great! It was about the same climate and temperature as Prescott. The area is FLAT. <3 Campos means Fields, so I cant complain.
Its the size of the Prescott stake. It's ridiculous. We have to take a bus for more then 45 minuets sometimes to get to lunch. However, the bus fair is much cheaper.
I'm also training a new missionary! His name is Elder Mendonça. He's from Mannaous, (In the amazons!) There is a little difficulty between him and I, if only because he's Brazilian, and I'm American, and we have some trouble with one another's culture, but I'm enjoying it. It's been a huge change to not only be made senior companion, but to also be training at the same time.
We spent most of this week getting to know the area, and the members; I love it here. I can't complain too much. <3
Well, not much to report on this end. I love you all, and hope all is well. <3
Stay beautiful everyone!
<3 Tchau~
My last Chocolate Milk with one of my best Gal-pals Michele. I miss her so. ;3;
My son! His name is Elder Mendonça.

And my new area! I've been moved to Rio De Janeiro, Campos das Goytascazes, in the Turf Ward.

One of my new favorite candies. SMASH

My new area!

The flag of Espirito Santo.

The flag of Espirito Santo.

Some pretty buildings in my area~

Some pretty buildings in my area~

Some pretty buildings in my area~ yes the building is upside down!

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