Monday, July 22, 2013


Elder Vester's email is short this time but there are lots of pictures. I am glad he is happy with his new companion.


So, this week has been really rough. So, you guys don't get to know about it.
I'll just talk about my companion.
His name is Elder Mendonça (men-dohn-sah) He's from minnaous, the amazons.

He's my best companion. As of this last week, I really learned what can happen, and how much better the work is when you work with a good companion.  It's strange to go from such a start contrast from my worst companion, to my best, but I'm loving it. He's such an awesome companion. He's ready, and excited to be a missionary, and I learn from him every day.  I'm so grateful to be his trainer. I know the time we'll have together is very short, but these last 3 weeks have been the best, and other ways, the worst 3 weeks of my mission. All I can do is keep a smile on my face, and do my best. (Even when my best, is not as good as the other people's best.)

So, I love you all, and wish you well. <3
Elder Vester

Another Jesus graffiti!

Here in Campos, people use vans. They are only 1.50, so we take them pretty often.

Our Ward mission leader, André he made Kibie for us, and I had to do his dishes.

There was a random stampede of cows in our area the other day... weird.

We went to a Pizza rodizio last p day


Desert pizza

I ate upwards of 10 slices of pizza. They have desert pizza, too.

A river of filth.
That's poop that's reflecting the light, not water. But you don't have to tell anyone that.

The van says "Jesus, the secret to my success!'

The other 2 are the other elders that live in our house, Elder Powell, and Pinheiro.

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