Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Week 39 ~ Guess what Sickness I've got this week :VWU

It is always good to email Elder Vester. He seems to be doing OK this past week, he has challenges but I think that comes with serving a mission. He just keeps moving forward, I am very proud of him.
Enjoy his email:

So, I found this club in downtown central; lol
Lol, so, I'm sure you've all forgotten my now. But several months ago, I was living with my good buddy Elder Christensen. He had to go to the states for surgery, and when he came back, he was infected with a skin bacteria. It caused rashes, blisters, redness, and lots of scratching.
:D I caught it, and after 5 weeks of suffering, I finally verified it with the medic, and I'm infected, and contagious. 

We baptized this little girl, Mayara, (long story)
So, this week, we got to teach and baptize a wonderful little girl by the name of Mayara, (I don't have enough time to attach photos, hit up the blog, my mom has them.) We had lots of opposition for this little girl to be baptized. It seemed as though the very jaws of hell had opened to prevent this little girl from being baptized; I could go into detail about all the stuff that happened, but that would just be a long email full of complaining. lol And we all know I'm the best at complaining. So, I wont burden you.
But, this girl is awesome. She knows the answers to many questions, and remembers all the commandments.
In fact, on Saturday, she was literally crying for her grandpa to take her to her baptism early. (It was at 3, and she showed up at 2.)
But, we had to heat up the water for her. lol

If there is only 1 thing I have learned this week, it's to trust in the Lord, but, that having faith is not enough. You need to act, too. As we learn in James, Faith without works is Dead. I can have all the faith in the world that I will be lead to the people who will accept the Lord's Restored Gospel, but if I do not put my faith into action, and talk to as many people as I can, I will never find the Lord's Elects.
The commandments are a perfect example of this. For example. I have faith that if I keep the word of wisdom, that I will have better health, more stamina, and greater physical capacity, but if I don't have enough faith to live this commandment, I'll never enjoy the blessings the Lord has for us.
I can have faith that I will teach a lesson with the guidance of the Spirit, but if I do not study the scriptures, and let virtue garnish my thoughts, I'll never be able to understand the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
And so, my invite to all of you is this.
Exercise your faith.
If you're a non-member reading this, I ask you to take the courage to find out why I left my wonderful home, of cushy comfort, to one of the hottest countries in the world, to walk all day long, and to have doors slammed in my face.
And to you members. trust in the Lord, and ask one of your non-member friends to come make a visit with you.
I've seen the worse that can happen, and you guys have it easy!
Love you all, and pray for you often. <3
Com Amor
~Élder Vester
 And some other random silly photos.

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