Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 38 ~ The Hills are alive, with my blood and sweat~ VWU

Thank you for all of your happy thoughts, I think it worked. Elder Vester seemed much better on Monday, at least he didn't seem too overwhelmed with everything.
Enjoy his email:

Hey Yall.
This week has been good!
Lots of doors knocked, lots of people in the street contacted, lots of new people taught, and lots of sweat spent hiking up these hills.
So, I really don't have any fun stories or whatnot to share. So, Let me teach you a parable.
There was once a gardener. This gardener was very wise, and knew what was best for his garden.
This gardener had many children.
The duty of the children was to help their father in the Garden.
Many listened, and answered the call of the gardener, and many did not.
The work of the children was to tend the garden, and to plant the seeds.
The children had to first repair the earth, removing the weeds, and turning the soil. Then, they had to plant the seeds.
However, the children found that some parts of the soil was richer then others.
The children would dance with delight to see the first shoots of the plants come forth, and would water them, excitedly waiting for the plant to grow.
However, the children learned after time, that because of the nature of the soil, seeds would grow at different rates, and some, not at all.
And after enough time, the children would leave the garden, and the younger children would take their place, learning from the examples of the other workers, and learning by their own experience; 
The children that left were always sad to leave the seeds they had planted, and cared for, for so long, and much love, or too see the plants wither, and die.
This, is much how Missionary work is.
Only the gardener, Our Heavenly Father over sees the fruits of all our labors.
The seed, is the word of god, and the children working in the garden are the missionaries.
The soil is the non-members, and the water is the spirit.
Every day, I see the seeds I plant. Some, are growing, and becoming strong plants. Others have sprouted, and withered, some I have yet to see grow.
But all the same, we are planting seeds.
How does the parable end?
Only Heavenly Father knows. 
But my work I've been given is not over; Not even close.
I have only been here for 8 months, and I am so grateful I still have many more months to work here in Brazil, teaching the people of our Savor Jesus Christ.
I have a bus trip tomorrow to Vitória tomorrow, so I'll be getting letters from the last 6 weeks!
:D Yay!
I love you all, and wish you well.
Com Amor
Èlder Vester

I bought new headphones~ pretty, yes?

Some members opened a lanchonette, and I took pics~

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