Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 35 ~ May is the Month of Magic! :VWU

What a sweet tribute to Elder Vester's momma. He made me cry. I couldn't ask for anything better than this, except maybe to be able to talk to him on Sunday for Mother's Day! We get to skype - can hardly wait! Won't be able to talk to him as long but at least we will get to see him and talk to him!

Here is his sweet email:

Just in case ya'll forgot. VWU means Vester's Weekly Update.
So, as far as the work goes, this week has been very, very hard. Lots of rejection, lots of people not showing up, and lots of slammed doors. But, such is the life of a missionary. So, rather then focusing on something sad this week, I'll write about someone very special to me.
And Behold another part of my area. This Barro is called Baiminas.
It's FULL of mosquitoes. ew. - He told me he was being pretty!
My Momma.
This last Sunday was 2 anniversaries. 1, 8 months of mission for Elder Vester (6 months in the field.) and 40 years in the church for my mom and dad.
What a blessing it has been for me to have been born in the church, and to have been raised by the amazing mother I have.
She was born and raised in less then favorable circumstances, and she's come out on top. She is an amazing example to me of strength, inner-peace, and  pure will power.
I am nothing without my mother. Half of who I am, I owe to her. She has been so strong in the Gospel, and I could not have asked for a better mother.
because God knows that She was the only woman capable of putting up with my craziness. She's amazing, and I love her.
I've truly come to realize just how much my mother did for me when I was at home, and how much she continues to do for me here in the mission field.
Do you guys know, that every day she gets up at 4 in the morning, just to be able to chat with me as I write my emails? 
Do you know, that every week, she writes me a letter, and every week, she bares her testimony of the Gospel.
And every week, she tells me exactly what I needed, to get over the trial I was facing.
Do you know just how wonderful my mother is?
No. But you can imagine.
She's what makes the month of May magical. She's my rock, and knows exactly what to say; She's soamazingly close to the spirit, that she is able to feel when I am having a hard time, and somehow, it's always the exact moment when I feel like this is too much, and I cant go on.
I know that Heavenly Father hears the prayers of mothers, and he answers them. I know that every day, my mother pleads on her knees to Heavenly Father, to bless me with protection, and with people who would be willing to accept us into their homes, to teach the Gospel, and to have the strength it carry on.
And I know, that a huge part of the reason I am always feeling the hand of the Lord sustaining me in this work, is because of the tender love of my mother.
Like the 2000 stripling warriors, I doubt not, nor do I fear.
Because My mother taught me.
I love you mom.
We then went to the Young Men's President's house for a FHE and parteh~
T'was cute.
And I cant wait to talk to you next week.
Monday was my companion's birthday, he went fishing. Behold, his fish. lol
Stay beautiful everyone!
This is is what happens when I leave for 5 minutes, and don't guard my camera. Yay. Looks to me like he is getting into kissing the fish!
I love you all, and miss you all.
But mostly my momma.
Elder Vester

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