Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 37 ~ Happy thoughts for Elder Vester ~ WVU

Well it has been one of those weeks for Elder Vester. He really needs your happy thoughts. He is experiencing the real world out there and doesn't like it very much. Him and his companion have anew location to be in charge of and it is always hard when there is change. I know the people in the area where he was serving really loved him, so it will just take time for the people in the new area to know and love him, and they will because he is very lovable! So transfers are this week and he in in the same location with the same companion just a different area.
Please remember him in your prayers and send happy thoughts his way.
There are just pictures from Elder Vester this week.

The sky was pretty, and I was too, so I took a photo~

Dirstric Cachoeiro!

Dirstric Cachoeiro!

My little chocolate/ice cream bonbons. c:

I'm so pretty~

Taco Night with Lucimar

I've started drawing again!

And Lunch with Michelle and Ivaldo.
She burnt the chicken. lol

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