Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 36 ~ So, I'm all old and stuff now. VWU

Had a great time on skype with Elder Vester, it was wonderful to be able to see and hear from. The people in his Ward really love him, they kept going on and on about what a great job he is doing and that they call him there white son! They took up a half an hour tell us how wonderful Elder Vester is, something that we already knew.
A picture of us talking on Skype for Mother's Day.

Email from Elder Vester:
So, what's new with the Vester?
This week, not too much. The work has come to a halt, and we're trying to find out what we can do better. Not every week can week can be hunky-dory as a missionary. lol
But, I'm doing well. I'm a little tried of falling commitments, and such, but, It's all good. 
I know the  Lord has a hand in everything going on, and that he's leading us to the people who truly want the Gospel in their lives.
Also, many thanks for all the birthday wishes!
So, enjoy my crazy photos; Cuz I sure do~
I found a possum in the tree in the church. Who knew Brazil had these things?

My big black Cachoeiro family. <3 They threw a party for me. WITH 3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF CAKE. #Loved it

I went shopping for my birthday last week. Lefoll took pictures for me. :D

and another one

and another one

I love the one with Toast. Just tell me that I'm not beautiful with overly burnt toast.

This is the view from where we had lunch on Sunday.

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