Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 41~ I've got a secret~ :VWU

Elder Vester is so funny. Glad that he can keep his sense of humor. This was a good week for him so all is well!
Here is his email & pictures, enjoy!

Today is SUPER-P DAY.
That means, we're going to have a party. (The 8 of us here in Cachoeiro).
We've been approved to watch a few Disney movies, so I'm super excited for that! (I also might have bought Amanhacer Part 2 also. lol But I'll just watch that when I get home.) I'll take pictures, and it'll be cute and stuff
So, this week has had lots and lots and LOTS of walking. We had to walk about 3 miles (one direction) to reach this family here. 
And my baptisms for this week! I'll relate a little more about them in a sec. <3
Samala and Sarah
Jenivaldo and Ana-Rita are working on getting married. We found a place here that marries people in 15 days, and only costs R$300! Super cheap, and super fast for Brazil. Jenivaldo is also trying to quit smoking, so it'll be another few weeks before that happens.
Their 3 daughters, Pamela, Samela, and Sárah progressed very quickly, and for some reason at the very last minute, Pamela decided to not get baptized, so  we'll continue to work with her. 
And, we received some interesting notices this week.
The 4 Cachoeiro areas are baptizing more then any areas in the whole mission, and as such, we've received a challenge.
The 28th of this month will be a huge baptism meeting.
The President will be there, the stake president will be there, and
The Liahona will be there.
Every dupla has received the challenge to baptize 5 people this day.
I'm excited; even if a little nervous.
I know that the Lord is asking me to work a little hard, stand a little taller, speak a little better, walk a little farther, Pray more fervently, and study more diligently.
If there was one thing my parents instilled in me, it was to fulfill orders. I know I can make this goal happen, merely because it was given to me; because Heavenly Father knows what I am capable of, and wants me to be the missionary he wants me to be.
And so, I ask for all your prayers on my behalf. And also on the behalf of the people we are teaching. I'm ready to get this show on the road, and get myself in a church magazine! :D
I love you all, and wish you the best.
<3 Stay beautiful.
Com Amor
Élder Vester
Behold the primary singing~
So, it's been 9 months that I've been on the mission. I think I'm supposed to put a pillow in my shirt. Wait, no? Only the sisters do that? Awkward~
Behold my personal collection of jerseys so far. <3 Yes

Here they are again all rolled up and cute like.

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