Monday, July 14, 2014

Countdown week 11 ~ It's A Matter of Time Before I Learn To Fly: VWU

Sorry I didn't get this out last week. I don't have much time to get behind! Enjoy!

So, This has been a very long week. On Tuesday, I picked up Elder Naranjo from Spokane, and the insanity ensued. It's been a long time since I last had a companion this awesome. He's an Indian from New Mexico, so I assume that's a large part of it. I always seem to have awesome luck with these guys. :D (Elder White was an amazing companion, and so far, Naranjo is, too.) I took him around my area, and we had dinner with the West family. They have to be one of the best families in this branch. Brother West served his mission in Mexico, and we speak in our languages sometimes. it's a lot of fun.
Anywho. Most of this week has been just showing him around the members. I realize that I don't know the area as much as I would like. we got lost a few times. haha. We also had Zone meeting on Thursday, and once again, we have the best zone ever. Colville Zone is the best!
And on exciting news, I am now the District Leader of an extra companionship.
That's right! I have 2 companionship to take care of now, and one of them are sisters! It's totally awesome.
And, Elder Larsen was transferred, and Elder Horn took his place. Now, Elder Horn also served with Luke Haddad when they were in Ukraine. So far, I love this kid. Haha. We have all these nutty stories about Luke, and the first day we met, we literally just sat there talking about Luke the entire night. It was great. :D
So, I have a neato experience to share this week.  On Friday of last week, we went and saw Tim and Johanna, the couple we are preparing for baptism. We marked for 3, and we arrived, and they told us that it was a bad time, and to come back at 6. So, we left and came back, and they were gone. I thought it was fishy, seeing as Tim and Johanna love our visits. They did not show up on Sunday, and we tried visiting them several times this week. No luck. No one had talked to them, or seen them in almost a week. I started to get worried, thinking they had gotten scared off, and were avoiding us, like so many people do.
But, on Saturday, we went back, and we found them.
They explained that they had left to visit family for the 4th of July, and whats more,
They just decided to go get married! I was ecstatic. And not only that, they were excited for their baptism. So, now Johanna just needs to stop smoking, and then it'll be a go!
So, please keep her in your prayers.
And this coming week is going to be hectic as all get out. We're going to the Spokane temple on Thursday, and I'll get to see my old companion Elder Zeman! I'm super excited for that.
We have lots of service planned for this week, too.
And I have meetings on Friday. :/ yuck.
But, I love being a missionary. I know my time is coming to an end soon, and I want to wring as much as I can out of these last few weeks.
I love you all!
See you next week.
Elder Vester
I'me craving hamburgers....

Oh, and have a selfie. Because It's beautiful.

My new companion Elder Naranjo

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