Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Countdown Week 15 ~ The Bible Explained. VWU

This is this weeks email. I am so glad that Elder Vester is able to pick himself up and dust himself off.
He is doing great!

So, I'll explain the title now.
Saturday, i was super stressed out. I kinda had a break down, and just asked for Heavenly Father to make mu sunday good, so I could get back into good spirits.
And God, having a sense of humor, and being my loving Father in Heaven, lead me to a man who I will not be forgetting in a LONG time.
It was about 8:00, and Elder Padilla told me to go to a house not too far from our apartment.
"Whats this guy's name?" I asked
"I don't know."
"Have you ever met him before?"
"No, but my last companion, and the Zone Leaders met him the last time they did an exchange."
So, we walked up to the door.
We knocked, and a "Come in!" greeted us.
We just kinda waited at the door for someone to open the door to us.
Finally, an older gentleman opens the door, and invites us in.
His name was Gwyn.
He said that he was some kind of religion that I have never heard of before. (It starts with a B.)
He started explaining how the Bible is all wrong, because the Monks that wrote it were all drunk on Brandy.
Not just ANY kind of brandy though.
A special kind of brandy made with rotten barley. And because the barley had mold on it, it caused a reaction that produces a hallucinogenic side effect.
Ergo, the Monks got high/drunk on this magic drink, and started to write about what they thought was happening. According to this man, God is a force, and an energy. It;s nothing, and yet everything. And the Monks were hallucinating that they saw God.
Many, Many, maaaany other things did he tell us. And my journal will contain a full account of that. haha.
That meeting with him really just made my day, and for some reason released my stress.

It also made me grateful for the knowledge that I know that God is a man, and that he is my father. I am his son, and He loves me. More than I can even understand and comprehend. And that Jesus Christ, is my older brother, and loves me.
Between the two of them, life is good. I am so happy to be a missionary at this point in time, the fullness of times, the Last Days, to be able to teach my brothers and sisters about the restored Gosple of Jesus Christ.
I know we have a Prophet today, that much like Moses, Joshua, Abraham, Samuel, and many others, talks face to face with God. His name is Tomas S Monson, and I am grateful for the guidance he gives.
I know that this church, is the true church of Jesus Christ, and has the priesthood power and authority to perform binding, saving, ordinances. 
I know I'll be with my family forever, and that to me, is the biggest comfort that I can ever ask for.
I love you all, and I'll talk to you next week.
I get to go to the Temple on Thursday, and I'm so excited for that.
Love you!
Elder Jacob Vester

What was the first thing I did. Well.
I had the guy at the border stamp my passport, and then I TOOK SELFIES. <3


We had a zone meeting on friday, and we took a zone photo. :D I love my zone so much. We're all so legit.

 Today, I was doing a service project. We fell a greenhouse, and started to take it apart. The greenhouse tried to fight back. But I won.
I hope to have a sick scar, so i can tell my children of the time I had a battle with a greenhouse, AND WON.

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