Thursday, June 26, 2014


I can't explain the title. Those come from Elder Vester and he is pretty crazy sometimes! I can't believe we are on count down, won't be too long now I am ready for him to be home but I can wait until Sept 22.

So, this week has gone by suuuuper fast.
Monday, we helped tear down a barn... That was actually pretty fun! Who would have thunk that I would enjoy something like that? haha I guess thats the changes of the mission. I know I complained a lot about it last week, but when I got there, I realized the guy was not demanding us, but he really needed help. So, all is well. Haha.
Tuesday was totally awesome. 
Almost our entire zone went up to Grand Forks Canada, and had a Blitz. That basically means that we went nuts knocking on doors, and talking to people on the street. The highlight of that day for me, was the fact I got to do a contact in Japanese! I doubt it was very good Japanese, but, I really tried hard, and I was super proud of myself afterwords. haha. And, we got to eat Canadian Chocolate. <333 I LOVE it! It's real chocolate, too. Not like any of the waxy junk we get in the states.
And finally, on our way home, we met with a less active member, named Lloyd. As it turned out, back when my uncle Donald was still going to church, Donald would go visit Lloyd, and try to help him come back to church. So, I thought that was neat. Small world!

But, thats really all the exciting things that happened this week.
I've had a lot of learning experiences from the scriptures in the last few days. It's amazing to see when you really search to understand the scriptures, how much Heavenly father can unfold to you. It always makes me excited to see when something new in the scriptures pops out to me, no matter how many times I've read that particular passage.
It's like a Diamond.
You can see one point of view just looking at it, and if you move a little to the left or right, you see a new sight, and you understand better.
Sometimes, we just need to look at things from a different angle, or have a change of attitude.
I know that this was the biggest thing for me this week. I've had to change my attitude on a lot of things, and accept things. I've had a really hard time with my companion, and I've had to learn to use a lot of charity, and keeping love in my heart.
And I know that I've only been able to do that through the reading of the scriptures, and prayer, and being at church. I love it.
Well, time for me to go. c:
I love you all and I'll write you next week!
Elder Vester

You see the mountains in this picture? That's the limits of the mission. On the other side of them, lies the town of Tonaskit, and the Washington Seattle mission. :D

This is Sister Witte. She's a wonderful less active in the branch. We go over there almost every week, and I finally got her to take a picture with me. haha Do you see the peacock in the picture?

 Look at all the wood I stacked!

Aaaaand. These are "Freckle Fries" They are a specialty in the BBQ place that we live on top of. Oh goodness. I'll be so fat. Haha

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