Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 68 ~ Satan rebelled against God because he thought he was prettier?: VWU

Here is Elder Vester's weekly update (VWU). He is very happy serving in Washington Spokane Mission. I am so happy that all is well! 

SO. This week was great! Lots of new things to learn, and many new people to meet.
I'll share some of the highlights with you.
That little Mennonite bakery? We bought these SUPER delicious Maple glazed cinnamon rolls. We had about half of them, and we were full. It took about 2 or 3 minuets afterword that we started to notice the after taste of coffee... We looked at the packaging, and low and behold, the maple syrup had coffee as one of the ingredients. 
We then took the rest of them, and threw them away.
So, thats the 2nd time I've broken the word of wisdom as a missionary without knowing it. First that wonderful Vodka Water in Rio, and now coffee cinnamon rolls in Washington.
So, we've started looking more closely at the labels at that place. lol
Another fun thing, is the fact that I am re-learning how to drive. c:
I'm loving it! I've driven about 500 miles in the last week or so. I missed it so much. I was driving a Jeep, and We have to trade that for a stupid Subaru today. D:<
We had lunch with the Lawrence family this week, too. They are about as mountain man/hick/redneck as you can get. We were there for a good few hours, and from that dinner, I learned that, and I quote "Lucifer rebelled against God because he was a flaming homosexual. He thought he was more prettier than God, and got mad when God said he was not! That's when he started crossing his legs when we sat down and waving his arms around when he spoke. THAT'S why he was cast out."
It was an interesting dinner.
I still feel like I am serving a foreign mission. Holy cow.
Elder Snyder and I had the pleasure to go on splits this week. :D He is going to Brasil in 2 weeks, and  so he and I just spent the entire day speaking in Portuguese, and having fun. I loved it so much. :D He's fantastic!
And lastly, the best part of the week.
This week, I listened to Bill Carpenter's conversion story.
He's pretty well known around here, but I'll sum it up.
Her was catholic, and was going to school to become a priest. He was in his 3rd year, and took a 30 day ecclesiastical leave as they call it, to prepare for a year long vow of silence.
That was when he found some LDS friends, and started to take the discussions.
After many, many, many trials, he was baptized, and fully disowned from his family.
He then starts to talk about his mission. At that point in time, elders only served for 18 months. He was told that his father was having some kind of health problems, and was dying in a hospital. His mission president told him that the Lord wanted him to extend his mission for another 6 months.
After some back and forth, and input from his family, he stayed in the field.
That was when he met this little old black lady.
She took the challenge to read the book of Mormon, and read the entire book within a week.
She was converted, and baptized.
Within a few weeks, she found out about patriarchal blessings.
She had received  it, and called her missionaries over to read it.
After some back and forth, she finally told them that she was blind, and could not read. And that God had given her the power to read the Book of Mormon, and after she finished the last page, and closed it, she lost that power. And she knew it was true, if only because of that.
So, Elder Carpenter opened the blessing.
The blessing had said that she would have joined the church 25 years earlier, if the elder who had received his call, had accepted it. And so God had to prepare 2 new elders for her to bring her the gospel.
Now, with that in mind. I have considered my new return date.
My mission president has told me that he has the final verdict on my return date, and I'll be calling him later today to find out what my fate is.
But, what ever it is, I know the Lord is in it.
I love this church. I love this work, and I know that I am helping to further the work of God.
I love you all, and I shall talk to you next week.
Stay Beautiful.
Elder Vester

This first photo is Diamond Lake. It's beautiful, and we normally go there every week to teach. <3

This here is one of the best sandwiches ever. There is a Mennonite Bakery up here, and we eat there every week. :D Sometimes more than once. hahah 

, then, just look at how beautiful these photos are. I'm so attractive~! #eyebrowwiggle

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