Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 73 ~ My Companion Can Speak To Animals: VWU

Elder Vester is doing great and is really enjoying himself serving the Lord. He sure seems happy! 
Enjoy his email and pictures.

So, Easter night, we were having a lot of trouble finding people. No one would let us into their home, and we went to the back end of the town.
We found some old railroad tracks, and there was some thick brush and woods that separated us from the river.
There was a black stray Labrador kinda walking around.
My companion, Elder White, turns to it and says "Show us the way to the river, Dog."
And this dog shows him the only path through the brush that does not have ny poison oak or sumac, right down to the river.
I replied "I refuse to believe that this just happened. Darn you Indians and your super powers!"
We both laughed. :D
So, that was pretty cool.
We watched the sunset on the river, and it was super pretty. The sun goes down about 8:30 here. I love it!
I also got to meet up with elder Barbakov again. He's pretty cool. :D
And the ester bunny came to see me!
I made these slippers this week. <3 I'm sending them to my wonderful Ellis Shimai, who is serving her mission in japan. She wanted some slippers to ear inside people's houses.
And I being the best person ever, made them for her. :D #crochetingmadness
Not too much has gone on this week. We are still trying to get us some new investigators to teach. They are far and few in between. We are teaching more though. We're getting to know each other's teaching style more and more, and we're a super duo if I do say so myself. We seem to mesh so well, and teach with the spirit. More so than I have ever done on my mission.
I am loving this work so much.
This week, we also had this super training thing down in Spokane, and there were 3 zones that got together. (that's how I got the picture with Koytsa).
It. was. amazing.
After Brasil, I always hated going to training's, and doing meetings, because it always seemed like we were getting reamed into for not doing a good enough job, and then be forced to do some role plays of things we would never put into practice.
That was not true this time.
We had some very spiritual, and powerful training's from President, and Sister. So much love was felt, and so much inspiration. <3 I love it!
And when we did the role plays, it felt so natural, and I actually learned a lot.
Then, we all played a bunch of games. Oh goodness. It was sick. :D
And finished it up with a testimony meeting.
I cannot tell you just how much I love this mission. It's been the balm of Gilead I have been praying for.
Wounds that have cut deep, are finally being able to heal, and I know that it is because of the savior, and his love and tender mercies.
I know that this church is true, and that this is the work of God.
I know the savior loves us, and he died to save us from the price of sin. If we repent, and give it to him, we can be made free.
I know the savior took up is life again on the 3rd day, as a resurrected, glorified being.
I know this to be true.
And I know, that one day, I will be resurrected.
I love you all. <3
And, with this new mission, I am allowed to listen to music!
Love you all, and see you next week!
Elder Vester

Tthis is elder Barbakov! We had a training this week, and I got to hang out with him for a bit. He's a lot of fun.

The Easter bunny visited me. :D

 I made the slippers to send to Lynn Ellis.

c: The river. It was really pretty, and the water was sooooo cold!

Elder White & Elder Vester

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