Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 71 ~ Just when I start getting comfortable... :VWU

Here is Elder Vester's email for this week. I am so happy he is happy. I am so proud of him for beating the odds and going back out to finish his mission.

So, no fun pictures this week.
The only thing is that we went to a thrift store, and I totally found the old Jessie figure from 1998, that came with a pokeball and Ekans figure... So, I bought it, and she is now on our car's dash. :D
So, the only news is that I was Transferred. So, I'm going to be packing today....
I'm going to North Port Washington, and my compnaion is Elder White. I'll be meeting up with him by the temple in Spokane. I wont get to do a session, but I'll at least be able to see it. :D
The last week has been very very slow. Most of us have been sick, and we've had to stay in most of the week. But, it's been interesting. haha.
I love love LOVED conference. <3 I actually got to watch all of it without any problem. I understood everything. ;D
But really. I personally had a spiritual feast on all the personal revelation that was given. I especially loved Elder Oaks talk in priesthood. I learned so much just from that.
So, I'm kinda running out of things for this week.
But, I love you all. And I wish you luck in the week to come.
Be praying for me, and my new companion. I am excited to get down to work, even if that means I really do have to become senior companion again so soon.
See you all next week!
Elder Vester

Old Jessie figure from 1998, that came with a pokeball and Ekans figure

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  1. Hi, Jacob, love that guy on your dashboard. Wishing you the very best--Judy & Jimmy