Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 67 ~ Newport Washington, Say hello!: VWU

You might question why Week 67?? Well it turns out, that his mission time stopped when he came home, so we are picking up where he left off. I guess I will need to really figure out just what week he is on if we were sure when he was coming home. I am very proud of Elder Vester making the decision to finish he mission.

Been a while, am I right? Time for Vester's weekly updates. :D
I'm serving in the Newport Ward, in Washington. Half of the ward is in Idaho, and we have to cross the border into idaho to go to church, and that's currently where I am at. :D
I'm in a tripaniuonship. Elder Christensen is from West Jordan, Utah, and Elder Zeman is from Acton California. Both are amazing, and I am LOVING this tripanionship so far. Lots of jokes, lots of work, and lots of fun. I love both of them so much, and I am in the best companionship I've ever had, and I love all the things.
The area reminds me a lot of Prescott. Its a retirement area, and there are a lot of very old people in my ward. I wore my scarf I made from Brasil on Sunday, and I caught all the ladies' attention. Haha.
I'm going to fit in well here.
My apartment is fantastic! 10 times better than anything I had in Brasil. CARPET. <333
But, I am already starting to see just how different, and amazing this mission is.
When I got off the plane, I collected my baggage, and President Mullen got a little confused on the time I was flying in. So I had to wait there for about an hour or so. But, when he arrived, the first thing he did was say "Elder, I'm so sorry. I'm grateful to have you here, and I love you." And then he hugged me.
I was a little surprised to say the least. And then, he takes my heavier bag, and starts to walk and talk to me. When, all of a sudden, he started to do contacts, right there in the airport.
I was impressed. And I could already feel President Mullen's love. Never had I seen anything like this before, and I was a little overwhelmed.
We got to the mission home in Spokane, and we started doing some paperwork for me. I was made the designated driver for the trio. On the way out, the President took me into his office, and showed me the transfer board. There was me, next to my new companions.
After a closer look, the paper said I would be going home in..... December.
Gut punch.
I had no idea what to think. Other then how frustrating this whole thing had been. How much miss communication can happen in 2 months?
And I know President Mullen could sense that.
So, as the assistants took my luggage to the "Transfer Van" President Mullen took me to another room, and knelt with me in prayer.
I felt an overwhelming feeling of love come at that moment. I knew just how much President Mullen loved me, despite having only known him for all of 3 hours. He blessed me, and calmed the fear and hurt that had come over me. Needless to say, I am so very grateful that I am here in a mission where I am loved and wanted.
That was when the assistants took me to my new area. We got me a bike, just because we're all supposed to have bikes,  and It's sitting downstairs in our garage.
Our apartment in on the 2nd floor of a mortuary/ funeral home. It's owned by some members who live next to us, and they take good care of us.
It's always toasty in there, but that might have to do with the furnace they use to creamate people. lol
But, all is well. I love it here, and I am so grateful to be here. <3
I love you all, and miss you dearly. <3
~Elder Vester

Elder Zeman, Christensen, and I. <3

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