Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week 60 ~ Why, I do believe we've had a change in route captian! :VWU

Here is the email from Elder Vester for this week. Enjoy!

We went to Colatina for the conference, and there is a small "Cristo, Rendentor" statue. (It's half of the size of the one in Rio) And I snapped a photo of it as we crossed the bridge.
So, this week has been pretty up and down. I won't lie. We had a lot of trouble in the work. It seems like God is really trying us to see just how far we are willing to go to have results. And sometimes, we are blessed with something different, when what we really wanted was something else. I can't say I'm not blessed. I just need to look how the Lord is blessing me. So, lets hope all turns out well.
We really had some growing moments this week. I've truly learned just how important it is to believe in one another, and to have good desires. I firmly believe that we attract to us, exactly what we think of. If we think we're small, weak, and unable, we end up believing it, and limiting ourselves, just because we're scared to fly.
And I can testify, that when we learn to fly, we find out just how amazing it is to soar.
One thing I learned this week, is that it's even better when we can look back, with happy hearts and uplifted hands, and see just how far we've come. To see how the Lord fulfills the promises he made in Ether 12:27. To make our weaknesses, become strengths to us. And I am so grateful for the mission, and for the chance I've had to learn, and grow. It's pretty great.
So, returning to Desires. Is it a good desire for an elder to wish to baptize? Yes, absolutely yes. However, we need to make sure our desires, are in line with the Lord's desires. 
I've learned that God will test, and try our desires, to see if what we desire, is what we really want. And if it is, and he sees it fit to bless us with it, he will.
But, often times, he will give us something else, just as good, that will be of better use to us. Sometimes, we really really really want that salmon, and he gives us a better net in which to catch it. Not exactly what we wanted, but will be much better use to us in the long run.
So, one more thing, is the fact that sometimes, we need to learn to take correction. Elder Gavarette made a lot of changes this week, and I've got some adjustment, and acceptance to do. There was some turntailing, and some pretty low things done this week. So, I'm ready to learn again, and take these new directions willingness to obey.
I always remember my Dad saying "The true test, is to see who will do the dishes when Dad is out of the kitchen."
And let me tell you. I now understand a lot better.
But, That's another story. :D Hit up my journal for that when I get back.
So, I'll sign off now.
I love you all and wish you well.
Elder Vester
Look at my cute new shoes! I love them; :D

This is the owner of the ice-cream parlor. He's a really neat guy, and lived in the states for some time. He gives us discounts sometime. :D (But his wife has no idea how to take photos, so these are kinda horrible. lol)

More Açaí.

It's gotten so hot lately, that you can even see a tan line from my glasses.
(I doubt these show very well, but there ya go.)


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