Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 61 ~ Opps Cap'n, my mistake :VWU

Sorry I didn't get this out right away. Here is it now, not a long email but lots of pictures. Enjoy!


SO, I've got like, nothing new going on. It's the last week of the transfer, and we've just been kinda trying to get people to go to church. It's been rough, seeing as no one went this last week. lol, but, it'll get better. :D
I'm staying another transfer here in Nova Venécia, and maybe this week I'll have something worthwhile to write about.
Love yall!
Élder Vester
finished this hat this week for my district leader. he bought the yarn, and I made it. :D It was a fun challenge

Elder Vester still has the knack!

The sunset the other day.

I bought some fancy new socks! (I love the difference between his arm and leg color.)

We celebrated Halloween. :D Twas goooood

We took the tobacco from our recent convert, trying to help her live the word of wisdom a little better. We then dumped it in the sink, and flushed it down the drain.

Do you see these 4 streets? The one on the middle right is that super tall hill from the first week. We have to go up and down these hills, several times a day. This photo was taken in  Bom Fim, and takes more then 40 minuets of powerwalking to get to it.

A view of the night-life. Not too exciting, but it's something,

'll get so fat here, if the hills don't kill me first. :D

so, the açaí place also has regular ice cream, and I decided to try the Kinderegg Milkshake. :D It was wonderful. (He is so funny!)

These next pictures are of the apartment that he is living in now.
I was able to find his apartment on Google Earth, which was fun!

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