Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 64 ~ Naruto's Grandmother Gave Goku His Name?:VWU

Here is Elder Vester's email, he is happy and doing good. That is definitely something to be thankful for. Just got to love this kid! Enjoy!


This week has been great. c: I've had some very wonderful people to teach this week. And 2 of them have a baptism date for 27th. What a perfect thing for me to be grateful for. <3 Best Thanksgiving day eve I'll have had in the mission.
So, I'll tell you a little about my dates.
Fêlix- He's a little old man, who has a lot of love for his wife Luìza, (Who was baptized last week). He's progressed very, very well. He managed to stop drinking last week, and for the last 5 days, he has not smoked. So, we're very excited for him this week. He's been prepared along side his wife for the last 15 years, and I'll be happy to be able to baptize the last member of this family.
Juliano- One of the most elect people I have ever met in my life. He's 19, and I have no doubt that in a year, he'll be serving a mission. He is the cousin of one of our investigators, and he just appeared out of nowhere, and took to the Gospel very fast. Every time we gave him reading to do, he always did it twice, and sometimes even more before and after the chapter to understand the context a little better. He's been one of the best investigators I've ever had the pleasure to teach. He reminds me a lot of Lucimar from Cachoeiro. He's had a lot of people trying to get him to not get baptized; his aunt kinda attacked him the other day saying "If you don't have sex with girls all the time, you'll turn gay, and you'll never be my nephew again." (It's the truth she used the term "Bicha", which is incredibly offensive, and very hurtful when used wrong. It's even stronger then the English word "faggot".)
He's had friends that have stopped talking to him, and he's been attacked on every side.
And through it all, he's remained strong. I'm so grateful to have been able to help him come to know the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I've really loved it here in Nova Venécia, and I'll be sad to say goodbye, and I hope to come back some day. It'll be great to see everyone here again.
And I'm very grateful for the chance I've had to spend this time with Elder Hidalgo. He's been a perfect companion, and he's a very self-driven missionary. He'll go far in life, and I'm honored to have been his companion.
So, I'll be missing you guys this week, with Thanksgiving and black Friday coming my way.
<3 Love you all, and see you next week.
Elder Vester
I made a brasilian desert called "Pavê" It's delicious, and I'll make it when I come home. :D

I love Açaí. Behold my shirt. :D It's great.

I saw this magnet in the branch president's house and thought "THE HILLS ARE ALIIIIVEEEEE"

Look at my soon to be recent convert, Juliano. He's amazing, and I'll really miss him a lot.

Look at my cute notebook I made. :D

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