Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 62 ~ Wei Pon Pon = Macumba? - VWU

Another short email from Elder Vester, but something is always better than nothing. Just another slow week.


President has made music free. I can listen to any music that does not have garbage in it; and as such, I got me a pin drive, and threw on some of my fun asian music. There is a song called "Wei Pon Pon", and apparently it has the sound of Macumba chants. (Black magic)
:D Is that not just delightful.
So, this week has had a lot of failure, and I refuse to write a sad email again.
Because we all know the mission is lollipops and smiles. Also ridiculously delicious brasilian chocolate.
So, I'm just going to hope I've got something worthwhile to write for next week. lol
Sooooooo, yeah. Love you guys, and I'll chat with ya'll later.
Stay wonderful.
Èlder Vester
:D The cookies here in Brasil try to teach children their times tables. It's pretty great.

I also got me some pizza. there is a new pizzaria that just opened, and they are awesome.

MEWTWO USED BLIZZARD? Op, no. It's just the freezer. :D

Just some of the hills he has to climb!

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