Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 63 ~ Sou Loco fora da casinha? VWU

Maybe I need to remind Elder Vester that most of us don't speak Portuguese! I am not sure what it says.
Enjoy his email.


Luíza, Joel, and Fêlix.
So, this week went by pretty quick.
Let me just talk about the highlights.
We had a wonderful little lady get baptized in our branch.  She's the quorum president's mother, and he was baptized about 15 years ago.
For the last 5 years, He has been working with Luíza, and finally was able to help her overcome her fear of water, and he had the pleasure to baptize her. However, due to the heavy rains, the water plant had some kind of malfunction, and the entire city was filled with muddy, contaminated water in the pipes. So, she was baptized in dirty water. There was no other way.
And, the spirit was amazingly strong there. Her Husband, Fêlix, who is a hard core catholic, came to my companion afterwards, and asked what he needed to do to be baptized. He'll be baptized on the 28th. He's already stopped drinking, and is smoking less and less. I'm super excited.
We've also got another kid we are teaching. His name is Juliano, and is one of the most prepared people I've met on my mission. He's 19, and I have no doubt that he'll serve a mission.
We also did divisions with the Zone Leaders this week! Elder Dos Santos was in my very first district when I got into the field, and It was a lot of fun to work with him. I'd like to be more like him. He's pretty great.
And, today I'll be headed to a sister in the ward to do some crafting. Oh goodness I am full of excite.
I miss you all tons, and hope you do well. <3333
Stay fantastic my friends. <333
Èlder Vester

Almost the whole family.
Behold the waters of Nova Venécia.
It's filthy. (Explained better in the letter.)

And Elder Dos Santos!
Pizza night last p-day. :D Deliciousssss

I thought this sign was hilarious. "Sorry for the inconvenience, we're trying to improve your quality of life."
I'm spiderman momma. :D   

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