Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 59 ~ Eating My Stress away in Açaí~ VWU

Elder Vester had a good week and the best thing about this week is that he has conference and Michael's Mission President, who is now an Area 70 over the Brazil area, will be there. We meet him as a family when we went to Utah when Michael and Shannon blessed Lacey. So Jacob is looking forward to that.
So enjoy!

Howdy Yall
This week has been so rough. Really. One of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time. However, once again, I have learned; Dedication and obedience Always pays off. The joy of Baptizing someone makes all the fight with Satan and his forces Worth it.

Cuz let me tell you, I worked my tail off for this baptism. If any'll read my journal, you'll understand better just how much crap I went through this week. :D
You guys don't even want to know how much Açaí I ate this week.
(It was a lot.)
Here is Nicolina! She's my newest recent convert.
Worth it.
First, our other date, Marco, totally fell. He's running and hiding from us. This week, it was literal. He was hiding inside his house from us several times. So, we've moved on, as to not waste his time, and the Lord's time. I'm tired of working with wishy-washy people, so with any luck, I'll be able to find some more serious people to teach.
And Nicolina! She's this adorable little old lady, who is now happier then every that she has found the restored Gospel.
She really gave us a run for our Money, but, she finally got baptized on Sunday. It was a fight, literally every day. After our visits, there would be people from the church Assembly of God, that would come to her house, and tell her that we do macumba (A kind of black magic that only exists in Brasil) , and we're a cult, and we do all these other things, trying to make her not be baptized. Every day we got to see her, she told us she did not want to be baptized because of this, and this, and that. And at the end of every lesson, she Always said she was excited for her baptism. This however, is nothing to credit me. I know that the Lord was there helping every step of the way, and I'm amazingly grateful for this chance I had to learn and grow, from everything I went through in the last week.
I've come to a better understanding of teaching pure doctrine this week. Nicolina needed that we only teach the basic doctrines of everything, and that really put me to the test. I've come out of this week with a greater testimony of the atonement, and just how important the ordinances of salvation are.

And Sunday night, we just chilled at her house, and watched the Testaments, and she made dinner for us.
Score muffins. :D
And I'm very excited for  this week. We'll be having one of the area 70's coming to the mission to give a conference for the entire mission. My brother Michael served in the Paraguay Ascension mission, and was Gaverette's assistant for quite sometime, and I've met him before. It'll be fun to see if he remembers me.
We also have a few more people that quite possibly will be baptized this Sunday. So, fingers crossed, and  prayers sent heavenward for me, alright?
I'm off to go shopping, and send Christmas presents for my wonderful Family.

Love you all, and miss you.
Com Amor verdadeiro
This is Helder, he's kinda a punk, but the photo is silly, so I added it.
Èlder Vester

Behold my District!  Elder F.Cunha/Neilson, Elder Johnson/bezerra, and my companion and I

Nicolina with the Branch presidente

Nicolina with Irmá Maria Schmidt. (Our fellowshipper~)

Aaaaand I woke up to some beautiful fog. <333333

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