Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 58 ~ I like Brasil, but Brasil does not like me. Yup,. Diarrhea. VWU

Here is Elder Vester's email for the week. Sorry I didn't post sooner but I was out of town and then forgot.


This week has been good, and bad at the same time.
So, I might have had massive diarrhea this week. But, that's over now, and I'm all good now.
So, anywho. Marco, and Mariana. They were going to be baptized, and sadly..
Satan worked really hard with our baptisms this week, and both of them fell.  Even with trying to accompany them every day, they tried avoiding us, and not answering our phone calls, and even hiding in their house. And sadly, Sunday, the day of the baptism, we found out that a family member died. This sent Marco into a grief that I'm not sure how to help. My companion and I were sitting out front of his house last night, and he came stumbling down the hill to his house, and invited us in. He was very drunk, and actually sent us away. We'll be going back to his house today at 7;
So, I'm  a little flabbergasted as to what to do.
However, on Saturday, my companion, being the boss that he is, went and marked another baptism for this weekend;  Her name is Nicolina. She's a hilarious little old lady, and has lots of word of wisdom problems, (She smokes, drinks, and drinks coffee) But, it's all going well.
We had many splits this week! We were visited by the Traveling assistants. I had the pleasure of working with Elder Norman. It was wonderful. The closest I can imagine, to walking with Christ on my mission; Norman is truly an inspiration to me, and I would one day like to be how he is. I really learned a lot from him, and I'm ready to apply it.
I interviewed one of Elder F. Cunha's investigators this week, too. His name is Thiago. He's 13, and he had a lot of doubts. But, after more then an hour of him crying, and me talking, he said "I'm scared that my friends will make fun of me, and bully me, calling me litter pastor, and things like that."
That really threw me through a loop. I tried everything I knew, and I still could not help him see just how important it was to be baptized, that everything would be ok.
Finally, I called Elder Kibbie (One of the assistants), and he somehow managed to help him overcome this fear. I'm so grateful for the mission leaders. They know what they are doing, and I really look up to them.
I've also had a really good week, in terms of companionship. We actually had a really good, open, heart to heart talk last night after the fiasco with Marco. My companion is an amazing person, and an even better Elder. He's passed so many things already, and for being a young man of 18 years old, I am amazed at how well he has overcome the trials he has faced.
I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to be here, to teach the Gospel, and help others.
He caught a duck!
This is Jacob's MP3 player that doesn't work, but is cute!
So, I can't complain.
LIFE. <3 I love it.
And I'll see you all next week!

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