Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 56 ~ The New Venetia VWU

Sorry I didn't get this out earlier. Elder Vester seems to like his new area and his new companion - hooray! Sometimes change is good!
Here is his email and pictures.

I'm in Nova Venécia, in Espirito Santo.
It's a quaint little city, and I rather enjoy it. It's pretty hot during the day, and it has lots of hills. So, I feel like I'm back in Cachoiero de Itapimirim. It's great. :D
So, Monday, I just spent getting packed and whatnot. We had a barbeque at the house, and we had about 9 missionaries there. It was great.
Tuesday morning at 8 I took a bus to Vitória, and got to see Elder Christensen again. <3 I missed that guy. He'll be going home at the end of this transfer, and being all normal and whatnot. And Blackwelder. Miss that guy tooooo~ I got put with elder Hidalgo, from Peru. He's a pretty great guy if I do say so myself. And then we took another 7 hours of bus from Vitória to here. We're working in a branch of about 20 people. The president here is also in the police force, and the first lunch we had with him, he walked in the house armed and everything. lol It was slightly terrifying at first sight. He's really a great guy, and I'll enjoy this area.
So, we're working our best to find new people, and we're challenging everyone we see to be baptized. We've got to find the people who are ready to join the church, and because we can't tell who are and not at first glance, we're covering all our bases.
So, I'll have more to report next week.
Love you all, and hope all are well!
Elder Vester
Behold my new companion. Elder Hidalgo
Welcome to the new Venetian. (I guess it's a providence in Italy?)
Check out my view~

I show unto you the sadness of our 2 fallen baptisms. Take it in.
we had  baptisms fall Saturday night. sadness


There is a bike impound in the area, and has literally thousands of bikes in it.

Dora will be jealous!

We had a macaroni dinner with a member here last night. :D It's great.

This guy is a trooper. His name is Claudio, he showed us around the first day.

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