Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 30 ~ I have spider bites on my butt. :VWU

We are so blessed to have a missionary our serving his Heavenly Father and the people of Vitoria Brazil. he doing a great job and loving the work. I had a nice email session with him on Monday. He is such a great kid, but then I am bias, I guess!

Elder Vester's birthday is May 11, it would be great to have as many  people write him as possible. He would love to hear from someone other than his momma!

Enjoy his email and pictures.


So, spiders like to crawl up my pajama pants, and bite my butt;I have like 7 bites. :D Too much information? GOOD.
My cold or whatever has totally cleared up. Behold the picture of the Mamomacho flower, and Lime tea I made. It tasted terrible, but cleared up the cold in about 18 hours. :D
I love this photo. I took it in the pouring rain.:D
Also, I'm kinda beautiful. Let me just be vain for a second here~
See this egg? It's chocolate; I expect to break out sooooo bad this week. >:D Worth it.

This week has been very good, and very rough at the same time.
Let me begin with the story of Jefferson.
We found him knocking doors 2 weeks ago. We got to know him a little bit better, and set a return visit for the fallowing week.
The next visit, we taught the Book of Mormon; testifying of the truth of this  magnificent book, and challenging him to read it after the visit. Only, I think he misunderstood; We left him Mosiah 18; he grabbed the book, and started to read right there. I waited for a minute, and noticed he was crying. I asked him how He felt, and he said
"I feel a warmth in my heart, its different, and very strong."
"This is the Holy Ghost, testifying, and confirming my witness of the truth of this book."
"I want to be a part of this church."
"Then will you be baptized this weekend (It was Tuesday), by one holding the proper authority of God?"
"Yes. Yes I will."
The next day, we taught him all the commandments; The sabbath, Chastity, Word of Wisdom, Tithing.
Accepted everything.
And the next day. we were going to teach him the restoration; only, he was gone.
And today, we have no idea what happened to him.
It's possible that he traveled for Easter, or something; I don't know.
But, I know that when I find him, I'll hug him, then wring his neck.
NOT. COOL. lol
But, if anything. The Lord has taught me how he wants me to do his work.
Testifying, and challenging.
This week, we've marked 7 baptisms. Some very solid, others are still waiting for a reply from Heavenly Father; His inbox can get pretty full. 
But, This has all come to pass because I have opened my mouth, and testified; Not because of my own efforts, but because of the spirit.
I've decided that I like to be a speaker for the holey Ghost, and  I'm just there to transfer the sound; The Lord always fulfills his promises, and I have been so blessed to be able to testify, and add my witness of the truth, to the many thousands of my brothers and sisters serving in the mission field with me. 

Now, I'll tell you about Davi, Kevin, Adreána, and Dréle.
They were also found knocking doors. They are an adorable family of 4, legally married!
Slowly but surly, they are progressing. We've marked a baptismal date with Keven,(The son) and we're trying to help Davi (The father) stop drinking. With any luck, we'll be able to baptize all of them on the 12th.

And then there is Ánderson. He's a recovering druggie, who was a member reference. He went to church for the first time this week, and loved it to no end. We're trying to make sure all the drugs get out of his system first, but we would like to baptize him at the end of this month.

Aaaaand. My president is going crazy. lol
Apparently he's getting in trouble for the Vitória mission being low on baptisms. Our mission goal is 245 for this month. We're getting 24 new missionaries, and the mission boundaries are expanding. We're going to get a little more of Mina Gerias. :D
If I have to train, it'll be sooooo gross. >_< I'm not ready for that. My Portuguese has improved a lot, I just need to solidify it a little.
But, We're having so much success here in Cachoeiro, I don't quite want to leave.

So, alls well that ends well. <3
I love all of y'all to no end.<3
Elder Vester
I love this photo. I took it in the pouring rain.:D
There are about 9 "Barros" in this photo. Only about 1/4 of my area;

Big Bob's Burgers. :D  It was delicious!

The Easter Bunnie visits good little elder vesters, too~
See this egg? It's chocolate

the Mamomacho flower, and Lime tea I made

Remember what I said about gaining weight?
I've lost 3 inches off my chest, 6 inches off my hips,  4 inches off my stomach, and an inch out of my neck.
:D Vida Geurrio em Cachoeiro!


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