Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 33 ~ I’ve been singing “Tomare” ~ VWU

I just realized that I haven't posted Elder Vester's e-mail this week, please forgive me. Jacob seems to be doing well.
Just a reminder that his birthday is May 11, and it would be great if you received lots of mail or e-mails, wishing him a Happy Birthday, after all he will be 20!
No pictures this week, as you will read the internet was too slow.
Here is his e-mail:

Hello everyone~
This week has been very long, and I am currently writing in English, in a Portuguese version of Microsoft word 2003. It’s cute, right?
Lets seeeeeee~
This week, there has been a lot of personal struggle, especially with what happened this weekend. Elder Quiroz and I seem to have a problem with our investigators vanishing right after they have accepted the Lords invitation to be baptized. The Zone Leaders called us Saturday night, asking us to visit everyone who had been to church last week, or anyone who had a baptismal date fall through, and challenge them to be baptized. So, we started with the people who had the least possibility to be baptized. We got there, and  Lucimara was there, with her cousin Aline. We taught the restoration, and when the spirit was at it’s strongest, I asked “How are you feeling right now?” Lu replied “Normal. As always. I never feel this spirit thing.” However, Aline said “ I feel this warmth, and inner peace, very tranquil.” So, we testified that the spirit was touching her heart, that she was being witnessed to, by the spirit, that our message was true. We challenged her to be baptized, on Sunday, after church. She accepted, and so, we made the plans, and got everything set to go. We visited the other 5 people, and no one else accepted the challenge, so a little dishearten, we went back to the apartment. The next day we went to her house at 8:15 to pick her up, and we knocked for 45 minuets, no one answered the door. We tried for so long, that the neighbors upstairs got angry at us, and told us to leave.
I’m not sure what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me from this experience, but I’m being positive.
I also caught come kind of bug last night, and I’m feel horrible. I was up till 4 this morning with diarrhea. So, I’m a little blah today. However, all is well, and I look forward to the week. I have a Zone meeting in Vitória tomorrow, and I’ll get letters!
<3 I’m all kinds of excited for that. I’ll be writing some letters and whatnot. <3
So, all in all, I can't complain too much. Just another day in the neighborhood. <3
I’m at a horrible Lanhouse, so I doubt I’ll get photos to yall this week. Sorry. D:
Love you all to no end, and think of you all fondly~
Elder Vester

Also, I’ve been singing “Tomare” under my breath as a theme song for the last several days (From the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumya) –The one dub by Chrstiana V- just as a random side note.
I’ve yet to loose my anime nerdiness. <3

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