Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 32~ There can be Miracles, when you Believe: VWU

We have pictures this week. Elder Vester is doing really well. I told him this morning that he made my week and he came back with "you made my life" it just melted my heart, such a sweet kid, just got to love him,


This week has flown past; I can't even begin to say how fast it was. I'm so exhausted, you guys don't even know. But, with work, diligence, obedience and Faith, I've been so amazingly blessed this week.
<3 My 3 new converts. (The ones in the jumpsuits.)
Adriana, Drelly, and Keven.
I was privileged to help 3 people into the waters of baptism this week. Adriana, Drelly, and Keven. (the people in the white jumpsuits. 
I was overwhelmed; I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be here, teaching about Jesus Christ, and his amazing plan of happiness. I've found the age old proverb to be true. "After the trial of your faith, comes the miracle." And this week, I truly have seen miracles. 
This week has also been a very tiring week. Lots of travel, lots of walking, lots of praying, lots of listening, and lots of service.
We've been helping Wemerson (A recent convert) dig holes for the foundation of his new house.
My hand is so full of blisters. :D
Um, what else happened this week?... Um, I'm not transferred? :D
Transfers are this week, and I get to stay at least another 5 weeks in Cachoeiro. <3
I'm glad. I love this area. <3 Have I failed to tell you guys that I am deathly skinny now? It's super cute; I've lost 6 inches off my hips. :D I'M SO TINY. 
Anyway. I feel like I'm out of words, and just rambling now. 
I've got to go take care of the fact that our house has been without energy for the last 40 hours or so, and I need to clean all the raw meat out of the freezer.
<3 Wish me luck with my domestication! :D

Some pretty flowers I like~

<333333 This Colapisito loves me~Her name is Naymara.

Contents of my packages

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