Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week 31 ~ Milkshakes made with Avacado are totally normal here. VWU

Sorry this is a bit late I have been out of town. Also there are no pictures this week, his internet was too slow, but at least there is an e-mail.


So, yeah. Tell any Brazilian about Guacamole, and they'll give you a really hard time about it. Because they just put sugar in them, and eat them with a spoon. 
D: Don't try it. lol

I FINALLY GOT PACKAGES THIS WEEK, <33333 Candy, cookies, pens, deodorant! Lovais ao Deus!
(The connection is really slow here. I doubt I'll be able to send them this week.)
So, sadly, not much has happened this week.

We had a super random meeting in Vitória that we all had to go to, and so, it was another 6 hours in a bus. Wooo~
President Arujo had his brother speak. He's very loud, and I did not get a lot out of the message he gave, because his accent was super hard for me to understand, and mistakes the spirit with yelling; it was weird. lol

A lot of stuff went wrong this week, but through it all, the week was fantastic! I learned a lot.
Conference was wonderful, too. We had to have 2 investigators there in order to watch conference on sat, and all 4 of them fell through, so a very upset Elder Vester had to head back home, and ended up going to a Recent Convert's house, who wanted me to teach her how to sew. :D Night= saved.
The next day, all 7 of our investigators fell, however, because it was Sunday, we had to go, otherwise it would be like missing church.
I watched the 3rd, and 4th sessions in Portuguese, and that was a little rough, but I got some good notes.
The final session, the Lord blessed me to be able to listen in English. (They were able to get an internet connection in the bishops office, and so I was able to hear the words, and feel the words, not translate, and hope I was understanding correctly.)
Wow. Just. Wow. What an amazing session. 
There was so much power in the words that Elders Holland, and Oaks gave. Literally every sentence was filled with the spirit, and I was so amazingly edified by that last session of conference.
I've come to love conference so much in the mission. <3 Even if it is a huge ordeal trying to get people to go with us on a bus for an hour to some remote location to hear the words of some old Americans who they have no idea are. :D
It's wonderful, and I love it. <3
Live, and let live. 
Follow the spirit, and walk in the steps of the savior, he'll never lead you astray. <3
I'm so grateful for the examples I've had in my life, and for being where I am today. I'm so glad to be in the restored church of Jesus Christ. I've found true, and everlasting joy in the Lord's church, and I'm humbled that the Lord has enough trust, and confidence in me to let me go crazy in a jungle of people who need's the Lord's guidance;
I know the church is true. I know this. 
I feel this. I understand this with every fiber of my soul.
May the Lord bless you all, and keep you safe in the hallow of his hand. <3
I love you all!
Elder Vester


  1. LOVE the site, Meg! As a long-time Elder Vester fan (back when he was just Jacob, even) I'm grateful to you for sharing your remarkable son with the world -- actually and digitally! Could you post his address? I'd love to send a birthday card -- and figure I'd better get it in the mail TODAY.

  2. Well, don't I feel dumb! I see the address now and should have known super-organized you wouldn't miss a thing! Thanks!

  3. Make sure Jacob knows that milk shakes made with avocados are normal in the Webb's house too ;)

    You are the best mom in the world! Quint just said to me, "You are going to do this same thing for me when I'm gone, right?" Now I have pressure!

    Please tell Elder Marley that we love him and are so proud of him!!!