Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 29 ~ Avatar has Invaded. Also DAVIIIDDDDDD: VWU

Elder Vester is doing well. It makes a moms heart happy for know that her missionary is happy. If any of you have been wondering what VWU at the end of his subject line means, like me, I asked him. It means Vester Weekly Update!
Here is his weekly email and pictures, sorry I am late in posting.


Also, we've been little kids this week. I'll explain in my letter. Its a joke about the tv show Avatar the Last Airbender. It's kinda hilarious.

So, 2 things have gone totally nuts this week. Avatar the Last Airbender, and David Archuleta.
Not only do we have silly little bending duels in the house, and in the streets, we're also very likely to start shouting DAVIIIIDDDDDDD at the top of our lungs, fallowed by uncontrollable crying.
:D The life of a missionary.
:D Ladies and gentlemen, My district leader.
Btw. I'm Water, Lefoll is Fire, Quiroz is Earth, and Paez is Air.
Now, for everyone else over the age of 7. :D

This week has been good! I managed to catch a virus on last Tuesday in the rain, and I've been running a fever of 99 since then. I've asked Sister Arujo for permission to rest every day, but no luck.
"Drink water, take pills, and rest on the side of the road if you need to."
So, yeah. >_> It was a pretty rough week in that aspect, but the good out-weigh the bad. lol
For example. 
THIS AREA HAS A MCDONALDS. I was so excited.
Then, I realized it was inside a mall. 
And 90 minuets of walking away.
So close, yet so far. ;3;

Elder Quiroz and I - my new companion
This week has been very enlightening for me. I've been focusing my scripture study on both the New Testament, and I started the Book of Mormon over again. I've come to really love the 4 Gospels. The love of the Savior is to apparent, and so wonderful, that I can't help but feel all warm, and comfortable. Truly, the Savior knows each one of us, and loves us more then we know.
I've also done a lot of reflection on my life thus far. I had the opportunity to relate my story of rejection, and self understanding with a less-active family in the ward, and I've come to realize just how wonderful, loving, and merciful the lord is to us.
I know for a fact, that every challenge we face, and every trial we struggle though, is given to us because the Lord knows we will become better people in the end. The Lord never lets us take on challenges larger then we can handle, so, because of this, I know I can handle, and overcome, each and every trial I face at this moment in my life.
Because the Savior, and our Heavenly Father both have the faith that we can.
I'm so grateful for my family, and the support they have given me. I realize now just how wonderful my family is, and how special they really are.
;3; I love you guys.

So, Until next week. <3
I love all of you, and miss you dearly.
Elder Vester

"Choco Boll" in means "Chocolate ball", I thought it looked good. No. It was not. So, its now "cocó boll" (Poop ball) I can't have been the first person to make that connection. >_>

"Moran" is short for "Morango" (strawberry) But, It just looks silly in english. :D

Brazilian coins. There look like some could be made from pure silver, but I dunno. The ones in front are newer, and made from aluminum. Ew.

Elder Lefoll stole my camera sometime on Sunday, and took a bunch of photos. I'll be sending several of them to you. They are kinda hilarious.

His companion does not like to take photos. lol

He's a little mischievous. :D
He abuses my companion....

He's licking my pens.... I don't think I like that. D:

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