Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 28 ~Vida Guerrio em Cachoeiro:VWU

Thank you for all of your prayers on Elder Vester's behalf. I am sure that he has felt your strength and love. I am glad to hear that he is doing better and getting on with the show.
Enjoy his email:


"A warrior's life in Waterfall City"
This week was very good. Very long, but good.
I had to go to Vitória for a zone conference, and totally blew about $150 UDS on bus tickets. >_< Reserve fund= gone.
But, This week has been a turn around for me.
I've got my zeal back. :D My Piffy-ness is back.
This week, I really took a look at myself. Why was I always so unhappy? Why was I so sad? Why do I not feel like a missionary?
Because My heart was not in it.
I'm here to tell you guys, that I am 100% invested in this work. I have given it my best, every single day, and Heavenly Father has blessed my companion and I with 6 baptismal dates, and 17 new people to teach.
I'm feeling better, and I'm back to normal. My diarrhea has even gone away!
So, No complaining here.
I'm sorry for how whiny I've been for the last several weeks, I'm good now, I promise. :D
Only my journal has a record of what truly happened this week, but, I'll say this:
Where your heart is, there is where you work. My heart has finally left the apartment, and is on the streets, looking for people to teach.
I met some really fun nomads this week. :D It was totally chill. We taught them about the Book of Mormon, and they knew surprisingly well English.
They sold me some cool rings made from coconut and bone. :D I like dem~

So, overall, things are going good here. I've got 17 new people to teach the Gospel, and to share the love of the savior. Several are catholic, and even an Adventist! I'm excited to learn how to help each of them come to a knowledge of the restored Gospel.
<3 Stay beautiful all you wonderful people!
I pray for you often, and think of you every day.
Com amor
Elder Vester

So, I dont know what these are. But they are little star shaped cookies, and they taste like cinnamon, and grahm. I kinda love them.

I bought some rings from gypsies this week~ Bone and coconut.

My district leader Elder Lefoll

These are called "Sonho" it means "dream" They are a deep fried pastries with a custard cream filling. I'm addicted to them. :D

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