Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 27 ~ Welcome to Waterfall City: VWU

Enjoy Elder Vester's emails and some pictures. He accidentally send the first one and then he had to explain with the second one. Usually I send out the emails for him.


Hey ya'll. <3
The red is Elder Vesters new area - Cachoeiro de Itapemirim
I've been moved to Cachoeiro 2. It's beautiful.
But it's also nothing but hills, heat, and humidity. Ew.
Not much has happened this week. Just trying to get used to the new area, and the new ward.
Por tudo mundo que não consigo agradecer, e falar tchau, primiramente Lucimar, tentavamos, mas não consigi. Então, eu espero que você continue irando 'a igreja, e ter paciencia com os novos missionarios. Eles são chato demais.

Oh, don't mind the random Portuguese, its for all the Brazilians who are reading my blog. lol
My new companion is Elder Quiroz, from Washington State.
He's very interesting to say the least, but, alls well that ends well!
Sorry for the short email this week guys. I lost track of time emailing my momma. <3

Part 2: VWU

Don't mind the random email. D:
That was an accident. lol
Anywho. I wish all of you a wonderful week!
I've got a zone conference in the morning, and I have to catch a bus at 4 tomorrow morning. xD
Love you alls~
Elder Vester

This is Nildemar; She kinda adopted me as my black brazilian mom. She did a lot to help me stay sane, and I miss her almost as much as I miss you.
The view of my apartment.
See the tall buildings way far away? That's my area; It's a 20 minute walk.
My last meal in Andre Carloni. Hamburger, fries, and Guaraná; Jealous?
Susan, Pedro, and I. We're going to all go to an anime convention and cosplay when we all get back from our missions~


My last District. :D I miss all of them bunches.

D: I miss my Dora. So, I did this. SEE WHAT I HAVE BECOME?

I met this guy on the escadaria about 2 weeks into my mission. He's a local drug lord, and has cleared the missionaries to work whenevery they want to, wherever they want to. :D His name is Maricelo. He always shouts my name when I go by. "HEY VESTER! HOWS IT GOING MAN?!"

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