Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 8

Jacob is on count down now. One week from today he will be in Vitoria, which is were he will serve. Don't forget to start sending any letters to the mission office. He will only be able to get his mail once a month unless he is close to the Mission office. He will need letters more than anything now. The work will be trying and there won't be as many missionaries around, of course he will always have a missionary companion with his all the time but that isn't the same as hearing for friends and family.

Oi Tudo mundo~
It's my last P-Day in Sao Paulo. By this time next week, I'll be in Vitoria. <3
Eu so muito animado! I am very excited. ^_^
This last week has been very exciting. Elder Johnson and I went proselyting for the first time yesterday. We tracked the streets for about 4 hours, and passed out 3 Book of Mormons. ;D very tiring experience, but good overall. Totally wore me out.

This week has also been a week for goodbyes. I said goodbye to my Brazilian roommates, Do Vale and Moriria.
I also said good bye to Elder Jacob Earl, who was in the Prescott YSA with me. He's off to Salvador Sul mission! Good guy, and I'll miss him.
I also said goodbye to Sister Ferrin, and  her companion Sister Wooten. 2 very sweet girls, and very wonderful missionaries.
And, I said goodbye to the Sao Paulo Temple. I'm going to miss it. All the Brazilian Crystals in lights were beautiful.

Portuguese is coming along. Not as much as I would like, but I know enough to look confused when someone opens their mouth. I have a lot of trouble understanding, because there are so many different accents and dialects just in Sao Paulo. But, I have a goal to be fluent in Portuguese by February.
I so got this. :D
Teaching has been very discouraging. We were unable to baptize Regina before we leave. and Igor has gone back to hating god, and has stopped reading the scriptures. Very sad week in that respect.
And, to top it all off,  We've all gone crazy! I just bought 2 litters of a Brazilian soda called Guarina. Its delicious. :D
Not much else going on!
Remember to use my Vitoria address from now on. <3
I don't know when I can next be able to email, so look out for me!
Vitoria, here I come!
~ Elder Vester

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