Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 7

They will be going to Vitoria! Elder's Vester, Oborn, Marlette & Sis. Tychsen

So glad that Elder Vester is enjoying his mission. Two weeks from today he heads to Victoria.
Here is this week's post. Enjoy!

oi tudos povos!
Tudo bem?
This week has been super laid back. Nothing crazy happened. In fact, there was a car wreck I just witnessed out front of the CTM.
Dead things were everywhere. ;D Just a fender bender.
Well! This last week Brazil switched to Summer Time, so I am an hour farther ahead then everyone again.
That means 5 hours between me, and Arizona. lul.

I've officially hit Stir crazy in the CTM. I just bought a Hello Kitty Headband to wear to Gym, because I am the manliest man ever.
I also picked up some cute little Brazilian style headbands for my nieces.
 This week was wonderful for teaching!
Elder Johnson and I were able to commit Regina to Baptism!
And my Atheist Investigator?
He's now reading the book of Mormon, and praying. He's got some pretty hard struggles in his life, and through the spirit, and testimonies, we were able to teach him that God truly loves, and knows us, and that his Son atoned for us, and knows how we feel at every moment of our lives, and can lift us up when nothing else can. The Gospel is truly amazing!

Nothing else really to report. My Portuguese is coming along much better. I was able to have a good 5 minute conversation with a woman who runs a local Yarn Shop. Super nice lady, with a very northern accent. I'm excited to learn how to understand it better. :D

Nothing could be better! (Except maybe the food, and having totally clean clothes....) But all is well. <3
Brazil is beautiful, and rainy today. <3 The temple is beautiful, as normal, and I am sad that next week will be the last chance I have to go to it. ;3;
But! We're going to baptize so many people in Vitoria, that the church will build a new temple, in Vitoria!
At least, I hope. <3
Till next week you pretty people. <3
~ Elder Vester
Just a reminder,  It takes about 2 weeks for mail to get here sometimes, (in fact, I got a letter from a month ago this week.) So, please make sure to start sending letters to my Vitoria address!

This person made Jacob's new scripture case.

What a life! The courtyard at the CTM

Courtyard ~ he loves the plants

View from Jacob's room on a stormy night!

This is the computer lab where he spends a lot of time.

Saying good bye to Elder Webber with Elder Vester and Elder Johnson in the back.

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