Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 5

Two the the Elders are on their way to their Mission!

Great letter from Elder Vester, along with a few pictures. He is doing so well.

Hello everyone!

Not much of an exciting week for me. Or is it?
Regina is still giving elder Johnson and I a lot of trouble. We're doing our best to teach, but we have such limited Portuguese. You would think we could have converted her after 5 weeks or whatever. lol But I can feel my language skills growing every day. I love it. :D
I do have a small confession to make. Alexandre, and Regina are actually my teachers, role-playing as actual investigators they had. Alexandre, turned out to be Alexrandra, and all of us were relieved to know she was baptized. None of us seemed to get through to her, but we all learned from it.
Starting tomorrow, we teach Igor. :D
TRC has been going well. We did that lesson without a script, and it was wonderful. The sister's knew a lot more Portuguese then Johnson and I did, and they really helped us with pronouncing words and ect~

I really got a lot out of this last general conference. Down here, because of the time difference, the morning sessions were at 1, and the afternoon at 5. The priesthood session was recorded, and replayed for us at 9 Sunday morning. Such a richness of spiritual knowledge in such a short time.
If any of you missed any of the sessions, i would really recommend reading them in the next Ensigns.

The Lord truly loves us, and wants nothing but the best for us. <3 This, I know with my whole heart.
I wish everyone well
Ate Mais manlha.
~ Elder Vester
Everyone arriving at Sao Paulo airport

A Brazilian sunset from Jacob's room. Big city!

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