Friday, October 5, 2012

This is sooo Jacob

I received an e-mail from David that he received from his friend Nicole. As it turns out Nicole has a family friend, Emily, that is at the CTM in Sao Paulo, where Jacob is at right now. 

So now here's the rest of the story:

(SUNDAY) Today Elder Vester (from Arizona) complemented the dress I was wearing. It is my blue and turquoise drop waist dress that Mom helped me make before the mission. I said "Thank you! I made it myself with help from my Mom!" He looked surprised and said "No Way!" Really?" then it was my turn to be surprised because he asked me if I use the Simplicity or Butterick patterns. That's when I found out that he sews too. It was really coool! We talked all lunch. I'm kinda sad I didn't do more sewing before my mission. ...............
(TUESDAY) Today I had a moment of realization. On Sunday Elder Vester (the one from Arizona) showed me some of the clothes and costumes he has sewn. He's really into Jap-anese Anime and clothing. It really showed through in his pictures. Then I started thinking some of his pictures looked familiar.
Back Story: Before my mission Nicole Baker sent me a message on facebook, with a friend suggestion, for a Jacob Vester.  He was also going on a mission to Brazil and she knew him. So I messaged him and we talked for a few messages about how we were excited to be going to Brazil. Then we dropped it and forgot about each other because we assumed we wouldn't be at the CTM at the same time.
Back to Tuesday: Today it all clicked in my head. This Elder Vester was probably the same Jacob Vester from before my mission on facebook. We had met each other before the mission! But I didn't want to be wrong and embarrass myself so I decided to confirm it. Later in Lunch he sat near me. We started talking and I told him I had some questions for him. I asked if he knew any Bakers. He listed a David or something so I asked specifically about Nicole. He was so excited! It was really funny because by now his eyes were as huge as saucers! Then I asked him if "A random girl messaged him on facebook before his mission and said she knew Nicole and was going to Brazil too?" The moment he made the connection was priceless. "Oh my goodness! That was YOU?" It was great because his mind was blown. He totally didn't' see it coming. We high-fived. (That's how I learned it's against the rules to high five Elders if you're a sister.) Apparently we were loud too because everyone started asking what just happened. All Elder Vester keeps saying is that "the world is so small."

Heavenly Father sends tender mercies when we least expect it. What was the chance of these two missionaries meeting in a very large building. I am sure this experience brighten both of their lives. What a sweet story. 
Nicole, thank you for sharing this with me. I cried when I realized that Heaven Father does know each of us and our needs.

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