Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 6

Jacob's Dad treated him to a Pizza party. This is Elder Vester enjoying his pizza, cookies and pop outside of the CTM. He looks good!

 Don't forget to start using Jacob's mission address to write him letters!

I've forgotten what week it is.... Day 42 or something like that.

Hello everyone!
Things have been wonderful on this side of the globe.
It's been a very crazy week weather wise. I've had rain, cold, and very hot all within this last week. The rain is sometimes a little icky because of the mass amounts of pollution, but all is well. Everyone loves the rain.
It's been a very slow week with teaching. Igor is very very hard to teach. He is an atheist who goes out and parties every weekend, and does not see a need to have any kind of religion....
And Regina is slowly progressing.

But, a quick update on life.
I have about 2 weeks left here in the CTM, so mail will not longer reach me at this address.
As of this email, please check my facebook for my mailing address in Vitoria. <3

I owe a few of you an apology. I forgot to add a few people to my email contacts when I left, and I just added them today. Sorry. ;a;
But, All is well in the CTM!
I went and took some pictures in the courtyard of the CTM, and around the CTM so you can see where I've been trapped for so long. :D
It's been an awesome week for testimony building. I've had my patience, and forgiveness tried many many times, this week. And I've grown a lot. The Savior truly loves us, and knows each of us. He knows our pain, our sorrows, sufferings, and trials. But he also knows our strengths,  joys, and everything wonderful.
He's reminded me of how blessed I am many times this week.
I am truly grateful for families, and for the Gospel. I know without both, I would be lost, angry, and unhappy. The Gospel brings me so much joy in my life that I could explode!
I love everything!
Its so wonderful. <3
And to end on a Random note, Pokemon Toys and ECT are very cheep down here.
I'm all kinds of excited for that. asdfghjkl;
To everyone, know that I love you, and miss you.
I think of each and every single one of you almost every day.
Stay Strong, and live, laugh, love, and do as Christ would do.
Much Love, and Many Prayers.
~ Elder Vester

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  1. We miss you Elder and are extremely proud of you.