Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 21 ~ Olia Minha Bunda! :Vester's Weekly Update

 Elder Vester isn't a GREENY any more!

So hey everyone. :D
Hard week was hard. Like, super hard. :D
It was the last week of my training program, and I had to act as the senior companion, I did all the planning, and lead all the lessons, and I had to do everything.
:D I hated it. lol
Elder Jones is getting transferred - Pancake Party!
But it was good.
However. My companion is being transferred this week, and I'm a little afraid I'll be put with a Brazilian. My Portuguese is not that great, and it's going to be really hard if I do.
Major shout out to Tyckson and Oborn; I have a lot of respect for you guys. <3
Also, the title translates to "Behold, My butt!"
Some Brazilian girl called me using that pickup line.
I was horrified. :D
so, In lieu of Jones leaving the area, Pricilla, a wonderful member in our area, threw us a Pancake Party. Brazilian pancakes are a little different, but they were still good. I brought my peanut butter, and we made maple syrup, and it was lots of fun.

So, Not too much to report. We have 3 people with baptismal dates for the next few weeks.
And Carnival is in about a week. D:
There is going to be icky things everywhere; All the missionaries say that the work pretty much dies when carnival comes around.
Maybe I'll get a picture with a drunk guy. :D
So, here's too a week of unknown.
I'll send a picture of me and my new companion next week.

A pretty girl!

If I have to train, I'll cry. :D
Love all you so much.
Really. <3
Stay beautiful!
Com Amor
"The sound of music" is called "The rebellious nun".
The same pretty girl!

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