Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 13 - Rules are Beautiful

 Another great letter from Elder Vester. He sent 6 pictures but I accidentally lost 3 of them. I will have to see if he can re-send them next week.

Well, this week has been rough.
But really rough. I have had a really hard time understanding Portuguese, and I´ve doubted myself a lot this week. It's been a fight, every single day to keep going. But, I know I am where I need to be, and I'm grateful of the challenges I face, because I know that they will always be there for my improvement. I have finally realized that I am far from perfect, and now I'm working on the parts I need to fix. I left the states a boy, and I know when I return, I'll be a boy with a fantastic tan. :D

This week, Elder Jones and I had 3 baptisms. Daniel, the half-brother of Bruno (Who was baptized 2 weeks ago), and a single mother by the name of Jussara, and her son Gustavo.
Jussara was a Member reference. (Paulo, one of the craziest old men I have ever met; He is very hard to understand, and often slurs his words.)
Jussara is one of the most prepared people I have ever met. She's been looking for the truth, and I thank my Heavenly Father that I could be one of the people to help show her the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a very sweet testimony of the tender mercies of the Lord, and being able to feel of her wonderful spirit and love has been a huge blessing in my life. She was baptized after only 2 weeks. Truly amazing to see how the Gospel can change lives.

This week, I have also come to realize several things. 1. I love a clean house. Mom, your prayers have been answered, and I now know how to keep clean. ;P

2. Hot water heaters are a gift from God, and all you spoiled punks in the states better appreciate them more. Because I plan on hugging mine when I return home.
3. Rules, laws, commandments, are truly beautiful things.<3 I had an experience this last week, where I saw just what happens when a missionary does not fallow rules to the best of his ability, and is too proud to accept he was wrong. I may not be perfect at keeping all the rules, every single day, but, I have felt the blessings of obedience, and seen the follies of disobedience. With me being the district leader's companion, I get to see all the dirty laundry. ;D It's better then the telanovelas.
But really. I have come to understand that the Lord's commandments are put in place to show us a better way, and to teach us how to find true happiness in our lives. <3 Love me some Jesus rules.

I also get to speak in church this next week! And I have no idea how to speak Portuguese. :D I get to pick any topic I want, and I think I'll talk about how we can find others to bring to the Gospel.
Oh. And I'm singing Greensleeves for the Christmas program here.
Elder Jones and I always sing a special musical number for our baptisms, and I got roped into the Christmas program. lol.
Sei lá! Fulfillment of prophecy one might say.
I'm learning to take everything one day at a time. Even one hour at a time. I'm loving this work, and I love these people.
Everyone here calls me "Meu Filho." (My Child). It's apparently a term of endearment. 
Brazil is just cutesy like that.

I love all of you, and I miss your faces a bunch.<3
Até aproxima semana.
~Élder Vester

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